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Use the following articles and videos to help you make an informed decision. Please contact your Senior Advisor if you have questions.

Asking for Help Requires Adobe Reader

Asking for help can be challenging, especially when you value your independence.

Planning for Care as You Age 

Planning for future senior care needs is a responsible and proactive step to successful aging. Some essential actions you can take to prepare for senior care are included with this article.

Affordable Senior Housing Demand Sparks New Redevelopments Requires Adobe Reader

'Silver tsunami' creates larger need for affordable senior housing prompting redevelopments around Illinois.

Considerations When Visiting A Senior Community Requires Adobe Reader

This senior housing touring chart is good to keep on hand when touring and will help you remember what you saw during your tours.

When a Person with Dementia Says "I Want to Go Home" 

Tips to help a person with living with dementia

LGBTQIA+ Comfort in Senior Living 

Who you are and who you love shouldn’t dictate where you are able to live, but for LGBTQIA+ older adults and seniors, whether or not a community is friendly has become an often-discussed topic

Have the Conversation Now 

Adult children love their parents and one of the great joys of life is enjoying regular visits with them. Typically, these gatherings include birthdays, holidays, and other milestone family events. While enjoying these family gatherings it is also important to be alert to important details of the senior’s life. Often what is seen on the surface may not tell the full story of their present life situation.

Elderwerks Comparison Chart Requires Adobe Reader

Want to know what makes Elderwerks different from other organizations providing similar senior housing referrals? This chart says it all. We love helping people.

Senior Living Touring Guide Requires Adobe Reader

A helpful guide for families who want to tour senior communities. Virtual tours are also offered. Make sure to ask lots of questions.

Tips and Techniques Booklet for Choosing Care and Housing Requires Adobe Reader

This booklet will help guide you through the senior housing and care options, how to choose and making decisions based on fact not emotion.

How Will You Decide? 

An analysis on how different people plan for senior housing in different ways.

Value of Living in a Community Requires Adobe Reader

A worksheet to help you calculate the value of living in a community.

In-Home Assistance vs. Assisted Living 

Questions to ask yourself when choosing between home care and moving to a senior community

Senior Living Advisor Services in Illinois 

For trusted senior living advisor services, contact Elderwerks in Illinois. We have a vast network of senior housing and care partners. Visit our website.

Finding Alternative Housing 

An article discussing family dynamics durring crisis.

Worst Mistakes Made When Selecting Senior Housing 

Choosing the wrong senior community can make an already stressful situation unbearable. Choose wisely!

Assisted Living Free Consultation throughout Illinois 

Experience Elderwerks' assisted living free consultations, through Illinois. Let our advisors help you find the best facility for your loved ones. Call us.

Elderwerks Assisted Living Directory In Illinois 

Check out Elderwerks' assisted living directory in Illinois to get details about the senior housing or care solutions our partners provide. Visit our website.

Finding Senior Living 

Finding a new lifestyle can be easy if you begin working on a carefully crafted plan focused on your future.

Research Is Key To Selecting A Senior Living Community 

Making the move to a senior living community can be one of the biggest life changes for an older adult, and one that warrants careful research throughout the decision-making process.

Marketing to Animal Lovers as Senior Living Communities Become Pet Friendly 

Does it seem like some senior living communities are going to the dogs these days? The answer is actually yes as more and more senior housing facilities become “pet friendly” to accommodate the growing desire of residents to remain with their pets when relocating to senior communities.

TV Interview of Jennifer Prell by Gina Lake 

TV Interview on August 11, 2012 by Gina Lake regarding Elderwerks Directory, services and support.

Assisted Living Checklist for Touring Requires Adobe Reader

A checklist to print and take with you when visiting a community. It will help keep you on task and get the answers to your questions.

Mom is living at home and needs socialization. What can I do to get her to look at options? 

How to help your mom accept help as she ages. Respite stays are helpful.

Costs of Living in a Community Requires Adobe Reader

The following fillable form will help you calculate costs to live in a community.

Assisted Living Placement in Illinois 

Looking for assisted living placement services? Look no further! Elderwerks is here to help you. We offer complimentary services. Visit our website for details.

The Guide to Keeping Your Home through Debilitating Disease 

Chronic, and often debilitating diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, kidney disease, and many others can be devastating for those who have the illnesses and their families. Not only are the physical symptoms and side effects of these diseases difficult and life altering, but treating them can take a huge financial toll on families.

Deciding on a Senior Community 

How to choose a senior community

Short Term Housing Trials / Respite Stays Requires Adobe Reader

Article posted in the SRES Marketplace Newsletter 2010. Try the senior community you're interested in or unsure about. Then you'll know if it's for you or not.

Dad's Living with Us Now What? 

Parent's living with children can be stressful for both parties. Socialization, interaction with people outside the house and independence will help your parent age better.

Most Important Tips to Ensure Safety of Seniors at Home 

A home must provide an individual with utmost comfort and state of well-being. The importance of security and safety grows manifold as one age. For seniors, a home is a like a palace filled with beautiful memories of past. It serves as a site of interaction for the family. Ensuring safety of the seniors is one of the most important concerns for a family. A home may be equipped with tools which may look simple, but, can be dangerous for the seniors. Thus, it becomes quite important to ensure that the seniors carefully use these tools without facing any trouble. In this regard, following safety tips to use various home tools and using various safety gadgets can help to provide security and safety to the seniors. This article mainly focuses upon this very fact itself. In this article, we aim to provide various safety tips for various home tools and related safety gadgets.

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