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Should I Continue to Drive? 

Driving is clearly about safety for the driver and everyone else nearby. When to cease driving is a very personal and individualized decision.

Illinois RTA Ride-Free Permits 

RTA ride-free permits expire June 30, 2014. You must reapply through

Choices for Mobility Independence - Transportation Options for Older Adults Requires Adobe Reader

Have you ever thought about what would happen if the transportation you use is no longer an option? How would you continue to maintain your independence so that you could continue with your daily routines? Who would you turn to for assistance? People often look to friends or relatives to assist with transportation – this may be a good option for you, but it is not always the most convenient for you or for them. Thinking ahead to alternative transportation options can give you peace of mind should your current means of getting around in your community change in the future. This brochure will assist you to learn about various alternative transportation options and some things to consider to help you make confident decisions about which option would be best for you.

Older Driver Safety 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration article on being a safe older driver.

We Need to Talk...Family Conversations with Older Drivers 

For older adults, limiting driving presents practical problems and can cause strong emotions, from sadness to anger. Family members themselves may feel angry, frustrated, or guilty about depriving their loved one of the freedom of driving. Despite these concerns, family members and older drivers alike prefer to keep these conversations ”in the family”. View the brochure here or order your copies in English or Spanish.

Give Me the Keys, Dad by Emily Yoffe 

Why there’s no personal, societal, or governmental solution for what to do about elderly drivers

Transportation Assistance in Lake County 

ABOUT THE SERVICE: The Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee’s (LCCTSC) Northwest Demonstration Project (NW Demo) began in January of 2010 to provide curb-to-curb dial-a-ride transportation service in the northwest Townships of Lake County: Antioch, Avon, Grant, and Lake Villa. In September 2012, the NW Demo expanded services to the Townships of Fremont and Wauconda. The service area of the NW Demo also includes providing transportation trips to the Gurnee Mills commercial area and the Greenleaf Ave. Medical offices and Mundelein Downtown area.

When Should Elderly People Stop Driving? 

A good article discussing self-policing, policies and situations.

A Guide to Services Serving Senior Citizens, Persons with Disabilities and Veterans Requires Adobe Reader

The Secretary of State has put together a publication to help identify programs to assist those aging in Illinois.

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