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"My husband and I are active and healthy, but taking care of this big house is getting to be too much. What do we need to know when we start exploring independent living communities?"

Research is key to finding the best independent living community for your lifestyle. All senior communities are different and not all offer the same amenities. Independent living buildings usually offer restaurant-style meals. Some communities offer two meals per day, some offer you 60 or 90 meals per month and some offer three meals every day. They also have housekeeping and laundry service available, activities, outings, a game or craft room, a library, a gathering place and offer transportation in some as well. Make a list of what’s most important to you and your husband. Your list can include: 

·         Assisted living as an option later on

·         Meals a few times per day minimum

·         Pets must be accepted

·         Parking in a garage

·         Laundry room to do your own laundry

·         Wi-Fi available on the premises

·         Swimming pool onsite

·         Local shopping

·         Close to the train station or your children

·         Budget

Those are just some options you want to list. You will also want to make sure the people living in the building are people you would feel comfortable being around. If you are a very active person then you’ll want an active building. If you’re more of a quiet artist then you’ll want a quieter building with a craft room. You know you best. Visit communities close to your children or loved ones then pick one and try it. Most communities will allow you to stay for a short period without a long-term contract. 

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