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Finding Senior Living

Finding a new lifestyle can be easy if you begin working on a carefully crafted plan focused on your future. The most stressful phone calls we receive are from adult children who are in a panic. Typically, mom or dad is in a crisis situation and they have not passed along any information or instructions to the kids. They reach out to us with their heads swimming, under pressure to make critical decisions. Planning is essential to a quality lifestyle for older adults.

We suggest talking with aging experts at an organization like Elderwerks who can provide expert guidance on appropriate living communities based on your current and future needs. Our advisors sit down with the individuals who are advocating on behalf of the older adult to learn about family history, current health condition, physical limitations, budget, geographical area desired and the amenities sought. The advisor will then offer senior living suggestions that meet the profile of the senior(s) they are helping.

With preliminary work completed, the next step is to schedule tours at senior communities and document the pros/cons of the building, available levels of care, activities, location and the welcoming level of people living there. Ask yourself if you’d like to be around these people every day. If your answer is “no,” then tour other communities. Most senior communities lease the apartments so if you move in and determine (after 3-6 months) you don’t like it there you can end your Agreement and move to another location.

Once you start working with an organization to help you find your future home, remember that the people assisting you sharing their expertise and time, researching and identifying the most suitable communities. Engaging a professional to organize relevant tours and advocating on your behalf offers multiple benefits. Contacting another organization that offers similar services is unproductive. They are going to be duplicating efforts and adding a level of confusion for the family and the senior communities who have been contacted on your behalf.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Where you or your loved one will live is a major decision. It is very important to understand the Agreement you have entered into with the organization in regard to costs and expectations to achieve the results you are seeking.

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