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Use the following articles and videos to help you make an informed decision. Please contact your Senior Advisor if you have questions.

10 Wellness Tips from Golden Oak Personal Training 

Leah Seidel from Golden Oak Personal Training shares some wellness tips to stay healthy.

Walking: Your No Cost Prescription to Good Health 

Walking benefits your health in many ways. Learn more about the importance of walking and how often you should walk each week.

Socialization & Activities for Caregivers and Those with Limited Mobility Video 

Learn about the benefits of staying active and how to set up reasonable and meaningful health goals. Jen will be demonstrating a variety of cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, and breathing exercises. Presented By: Jenifer Anderson, Group Exercise Director/Club Manager, Good Shepherd Hospital Health and Fitness Center

Getting Active Now Builds Positive Habits 

Exercise is an important aspect of aging well. Join Elderwerks "Stepping Out to Fitness " Challenge which occurs twice, annually.

Spring Cleaning 

When we think about spring, our minds conjure images of fresh, clean air, sunshine, and getting out of the house more often. So, today is a great time to begin freshening up our homes and streamlining the useful spaces.

Get Fit While You Sit with Destination Fitness 

Join Suzanne Janusz Senior Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle coach with Destination Fitness and her client Jane, as they demonstrate a half hour workout you can do in the comfort of your home to help improve circulation, balance, strength, and flexibility! You can still stay active even if you have limited mobility. We can help you adapt your fitness routine to meet your needs and abilities! Chair exercises are a fun and easy way for seniors of all ages to remain active without putting unnecessary stress on their bodies. Sitting while exercising is the perfect option for someone who has balance issues or is a fall risk. The majority of seniors who do seated exercises experience improved health, physical and emotional benefits. Exercise also improves your mood which we all need during the winter months! So, grab a chair and a glass of water and join us for a fun seated fitness class!

Sit & Fit with Jaynie 

Jaynie from Good Shepherd Fitness Center presents chair exercises in this video.

Core & Stretch with Jen 

Core & Stretch exercise video with Jen from Good Shepherd Fitness Center.

Fall Prevention: I'm Still Standing 

Sue Grossinger, Advocate Aurora Good Shepherd Hospital, presents tips to prevent falls at Elderwerks Educational Senior Fair August 2020.

LSVT BIG Therapy for People Living with Parkinson's Disease 

Presented by Bruce McElroy, Physical Therapist - Supervisor at Northwestern Medicine at Elderwerks Senior Fair 2020

Ultimate Guide to Hearing Loss 

If you suspect hearing loss in yourself or a loved one, here’s some great news: today’s medical technology offers better solutions than at any time in history. Suspecting hearing loss can be frightening. But remember that the sooner you get evaluated, the greater your chances of hearing better today, and possibly of slowing the progression of your hearing loss.

COVID-19 and the Law 

Presented by Patrick Kenneally, McHenry County State's Attorney

Parkinson's Disease 

Presented by Dr. Viquar Mundozie, Family Medicine Physician, MercyHealth System at Elderwerks Senior Fair 2020. This presentation includes: • The diagnosis • Management • Does Dementia always occur with Parkinson’s • Living with Parkinson’s

Unlocking the Secrets to Successful Aging 

Presented by Joyce Mahoney, Regional Vice President of Memory Care and Programming, Belmont Village Senior Living. Joyce presents how to age successfully at Elderwerks Senior Fair 2020.

Five Steps for Saving Sight Requires Adobe Reader

Losing one’s sight is the most feared disability and yet we don’t always understand the lifestyle choices we make that can impact our vision health. The aging process leaves us increasingly vulnerable to eye diseases and disorders. Protect your eyesight by taking a few beneficial steps.

Bladder Health and Aging Requires Adobe Reader

Changes which accompany aging usually occur slowly, enabling usto compensate for and adapt to a changing body. Like gray hair and wrinkles, the changes to our bladder and kidneys do not occur overnight, but over time they can become significant.

Brain Health 

Things you can do to keep your brain healthy.

Guide on Handling Coughs and Colds 

As a member of the elderly community or indeed somebody caring for an elderly person, it will give you important information on how to avoid getting sick, and how to care for coughs and colds should they happen.

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