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Seniors are increasingly choosing assisted living as their preferred style of housing. However, assisted living comes in a range of different varieties, offering a number of different options that are suitable for certain residents. For example, some seniors prefer living in apartment style facilities while others enjoy smaller homes with a stronger community feel. This may depend on their personal preferences or it might be related to their daily needs. Whatever your requirements, our advisors at Elderwerks, Illinois, can guide you through your options.

For instance, larger communities that house seniors in apartment style housing have more of a hotel-like atmosphere. These apartments come in a range of different sizes -- from smaller studios to spacious one and two-bedroom units. Meals are generally provided in a restaurant-style cafeteria and a variety of other facilities are also available such as beauty salons, libraries, gyms, TV rooms. Residents also have organized transportation at their disposal -- vans or buses are normally available to help them get around. A medical clinic is usually also located on the premises.

On the other hand, smaller style assisted living facilities have more of an intimate community type feel to them. Here, residents are usually housed in modified private homes, which are adapted to the needs of seniors. These types of homes are particularly well-suited for persons who have special physical needs and would benefit from more one-on-one interaction.

Overall, assisted living is an excellent option for any senior who would benefit from having constant care and help with daily activities. Although the services differ between facilities, you can expect that each home will offer basic care, like supervision, laundry, assistance with dressing, bathing and continence care. In addition, residents that have Alzheimer’s disease are also able to receive special care for their dementia-related symptoms.

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Are you looking for a facility that would best suit you or your elderly family member’s needs? At Elderwerks, we have extensive experience in helping our customers navigate all of the different assisted living options. We are committed to listening to your needs and matching you with the perfect home for spending your days as a senior. We have a thorough knowledge of all of the available facilities in the state of Illinois, so you can rest assured that you will be receiving a thorough overview of all of the different options that would suit you best.

Elderwerks Offers An Assisted Living Free Consultation 

At Elderwerks, we have a team of specialists who have years of experience in helping seniors find the right assisted living community in Illinois. By listening to your needs, doing a personalized search and even helping you tour a number of different communities, we will provide you with the best possible consultation services available. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you in your search for the perfect senior home, feel free to get in touch with us today at 855-462-0100. We offer a complimentary assisted living consultation to all new customers!

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