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assisted living services In Memory of Ronald Baxley
2021 - Ronald Baxley touched many people's lives. Ron loved working in radio as a broadcaster, music director and station manager for many different radio stations in several states and also did play by play for the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Northwestern University Football team in Chicago. Eventually, Ron and his family moved to Illinois where the Satellite Music Network hired him as their “morning man” and he was heard on radio stations across the U.S. on the “Stardust” music format. That job moved him to Texas in 1990, and he continued working mornings as the network was bought by ABC and then Disney. While at ABC Radio he was able to take many great trips, including broadcasting live from Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World and taking several cruises with his listeners. Ron retired in June of 1998 and spent his days fishing, cheering for (or cursing at) the Gators, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Ron moved back to Illinois to be closer to family, settling in Grayslake with his wife, Chorine. Thank you to those who donated in Mr. Baxley's memory:

  • Becker, Freese, Hobik, Huerta and McGinn Families
  • Bob and Susette Blumenstein
  • The Bradley Family
  • Terrence and Dani Burns
  • The Martin Family
  • Frederick Myette
  • Sue Schmitz
  • The Shea Family
  • Steve and Heather Tredup
  • From the men and women of USAF HQ ACC Airborne Reconnaissance Branch
  • W.W. Grainger Inc.
Elderwerks appreciates everyone's donations in memory of Mr. Baxley

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