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Dementia Reality


What is Dementia Reality®?

Dementia Reality is a collaboration between Elderwerks Educational Services and CJE SeniorLife. It's the first dementia instruction program combining skills training with real-life obstacles in a virtual world. The outcome is more empathetic caregivers and happier, engaged patients.
Being immersed into the world of dementia is a better way to teach professionals and families about dementia. 

Extensive training in a new VR module

Learn more about:

  • Personhood
  • Communication
  • Intentional Supportive Approach
  • How to improve the quality of care for a person living with dementia

Dementia Reality™ Benefits for Staff

  • Empathy for individuals living with dementia through first-hand experience.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of AD/ADRD; 6-hour CEU-certified dementia training in personhood, safety, empathy, understanding and managing behaviors.
  • Build knowledge and skills through immersion.
  • Engages and motivates the adult learner through experiential training.
  • Acceleration of skills – discussion and reflection of each person’s experience helps build knowledge.
  • Improved job satisfaction leads to increased staff retention.
  • Increased safety; fewer staff injuries. 

Dementia Reality™ Benefits for Clients & Residents

  • Improved quality of care: Focus on personhood and unconscious bias facilitates awareness of resident and family preferences, values, cultural traditions, and socio-economic conditions.
  • Improved behavioral outcomes and decreased use of psychotropic medications.
  • Increased safety: Better communication, improved care means fewer falls and other injuries.
  • Enhanced care relationships, improved quality of life.

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