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Senior Living Advisor Services in Illinois
Are you looking for the right senior living facility for yourself or an elderly family member? If so, a senior living advisor might be the right choice for you. A advisor will help you pinpoint what you are looking for from an assisted living facility and help you narrow down your search to several facilities that best match your criteria. At Elderwerks, we have a number of senior living advisors who are able to help you with your senior living search throughout the state of Illinois.

A Reliable Senior Living Advisor 

Take a look at the three easy steps which we employ to help you find the best possible senior living facility:

Step 1: You will either meet with one of our advisors in person or conduct a short phone call to determine your senior living needs. The advisor will fill out a brief evaluation about your personal preferences as well as any recent changes that you are experiencing. This will allow our team at Elderwerks to determine what you are able to do independently, as well as what type of care you would need. This step will, therefore, allow us to suggest a number of options, customized to your needs and personal choices. Certain assisted living facilities have requirements, so in the event that you do not meet these requirements, we will also be happy to recommend a number of other options.

Step 2: Once we have found an option that is acceptable to you, it is time to discuss whether it falls into your budget. We understand that it is very important to find a community that fits your budget, so we will make sure to keep that in mind while we are searching for the best option. In addition, we will try to determine if there are any financial resources that would be able to save you money. We take your financial position seriously so it is our aim to help you stay well within your budget.

Step 3: The next step will be to determine the area that you are most interested in living. Once you have picked the best possible town or neighborhood, you will then be able to select a few senior living communities to tour. Our team of advisors at Elderwerks will be responsible for scheduling a tour as well as driving you to the different communities you have chosen. Seeing each community in person will help you determine if it is the best fit for you in the long-run.

Senior Living Advisor Services Will Help You Choose The Best Possible Community

If you are interested in finding an appropriate senior living community but you are not sure where to begin your search, a senior living advisor is the best possible choice. Elderwerks has years of experience in providing our customers with extensive information about choosing a living community, so we would be more than happy to help you find yours. For a free information session regarding our services, do not hesitate to contact us at 855-462-0100 today!

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