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How Will You Decide?

Everyone makes their decisions about senior housing lifestyles differently, and each situation is unique. However, senior housing professionals have come to recognize 4 main types of consumer.

  1. The Advance Planner: This is the person who starts their research early, taking their time to become an educated consumer and exploring all the options that are available. Usually this type of person is not afraid of the tough questions, willing to discuss end-of-life issues and engage in deep, meaningful conversations with loved ones. The advanced planner is the one who makes a move before they have to and stays in control of the process.
  2. The Reluctant Consumer: This person is somewhat reluctantly pulled into the research process by their spouse or adult children. They really don't want to have to face the idea of making changes in their lives, but grudgingly participate in the process.
  3. The Wake-Up Call: This is the person who finally concedes to make a move after a near crisis: when the health challenge cannot be denied any longer and a change must happen. If the person is fortunate, they may still be capable of functioning in an independent living community.
  4. The Scrambler: This is the person who suffers a more serious health challenge that necessitates an immediate move. It usually involves family making all the choices because the older adult can no longer handle processing the options or changes. Most times it involves moving directly into assisted living or skilled nursing care.


Unfortunately I sometimes experience seniors that choose to put their head in the sand and play ostrich about their aging process, thinking they are staying in control of their lives, when the reality is just the opposite. Then, when a serious crisis occurs, someone else will have to scramble around and make the decisions for them as to where they will live and who will care for them.

The wonderful thing is we are all "at choice" in life and each person can choose how they want to approach this aspect of their journey. So the question to ask yourself or your loved ones is... How will you decide?

This article was submitted by Randalynn Kaye, author of Senior Housing 101.

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