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Veterans Benefits 

A discussion of programs offered by the VBA and VHA to support veterans and their spouses such as adaptive housing grants, VHA grants for medically needed adaptations, in-home care, day care, and more. Presented on May 24, 2021 by Michael Iwanicki, Superintendent of Veterans Assistance Commission of McHenry County.

Agent Orange Exposure & VA Disability Compensation 

Veterans exposed to Agent Orange may be entitled to compensation

Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension 

Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension (old name was Veteran's Aid & Attendance) is a benefit from the VA for any senior veteran who was enlisted during a war-time period and honorably discharged. The benefit is for the veteran, the veteran and spouse and the surviving spouse.

Benefits for Veterans and Their Families Requires Adobe Reader

Information regarding benefits to veterans

Older Veteran Behavioral Health Resource Inventory Requires Adobe Reader

The purpose of this inventory is to provide resources for health and social service professionals interested in enhancing their outreach and support for older Veterans and other older adults who have or are at risk for behavioral health conditions. This inventory is not exhaustive. Rather, it provides an overview of programs and publications on topics including posttraumatic stress disorder, suicide prevention, long-term services and supports, and much more. In addition to using this inventory, health and social service professionals can connect with the nationwide network of state and local aging and disability agencies, known as the No Wrong Door (NWD) System ( ).

Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension Application Instructions 

This instruction sheet was designed to help you prepare your documents for your advocate so you can apply for the VA Aid & Attendance benefit. Follow these instructions and you'll be able to apply quickly.

Don't Have Your DD214? Get it Here. 

If you can't find your DD214 don't fret. You can download it off the linked website.

VBA-21P-527EZ Veterans Non Service-Connected Pension Benefit Application Requires Adobe Reader

Aid and Attendance or Housebound Benefits Application for the Veteran

VBA-21P-534EZ Application for Spousal Benefits Requires Adobe Reader

VBA21P-534EZ Application for spousal benefits / dependency and indemnity compensation, death pension and accrued benefits by a surviving spouse or child

VBA21-4142-ARE Authorization and Consent Form to Release Information Requires Adobe Reader

VA21-4142 form to authorize and consent to release information to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

VBA21P-8416-ARE Medical Expense Report Form Requires Adobe Reader

VBA21P-8416-ARE Medical expense report form

VA21-0845 Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to a Third Party Form Requires Adobe Reader

VBA21-0845 Authorization to disclose personal information to a third party

VA21-22A-ARE Appointment of Individual as Claimant's Representative Requires Adobe Reader

Form VA21-22A-ARE Appointment of Individual as Claimant's Representative

VA21-22-ARE Appointment of Veterans Service Organization as Claimant's Representative Requires Adobe Reader

Form VA21-22-ARE Appointment of Veterans Service Organization as Claimant's Representative

VBA21-0779 Request for Nursing Home Information Requires Adobe Reader

VBA21-0779 Request for nursing home information in connection with claim for aid and attendance

Department of Veteran's Affairs Health Care Benefits Overview Online Edition 

This guide is designed to provide Veterans and their families with the information they need to understand VA’s health care system—eligibility requirements, its enrollment process, including enrollment priority groups, co-pays that certain Veterans may be charged and the health benefits and services available to help Veterans.

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