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The Foglia Family Foundation

assisted living services The Foglia Family Foundation
The Foglia Foundation is a supportive and gracious organization helping local charities with their programming. They generously support Elderwerks efforts to help local seniors with their needs as well as the Elderwerks Senior Resource Directory.

Russell & Josephine Kott Memorial Charitable Trust

assisted living services Russell & Josephine Kott Memorial Charitable Trust
The funds to support the project Adult Case Management & Outreach Services were received from the Russell and Josephine Kott Memorial Charitable Trust. 
The Russell & Josephine Kott Memorial Charitable Trust honors the lives of Russell and Josephine Kott. Their bequest created a resource that provides funding each year to support a range of charitable organizations that improve the lives of individuals, with an emphasis on gerontology. The Trust focuses on opportunities to provide grants that enhance services for seniors through educational internships, quality programs and capacity building for agencies serving seniors.

211 Lake County

assisted living services 211 Lake County

What is 211 Lake County?

211 is the place with the answers you need to live well in Lake County, Illinois.
211 is Lake County’s free one-stop shop for help:

  • It’s a telephone helpline.
  • It’s a texting chatline.
  • And, it’s this very website you’re visiting right now.

211 is always open, always confidential, and always free. Speak to a live person when you call in English or Spanish.
The 211 team will also interpret to more than 150 other languages.

Right this very minute, there are people on the other end of 211 waiting for your call.
United Way of Lake County has trained them to guide you to the help you need.
If you are outside of Illinois looking for help in Lake County or having an issue reaching 211, call 1-855-677-5253 toll free.

Text your zip code to 898211. People at our 211 contact center are waiting for your texts at this moment. Someone will text you back. Then all you have to do is text your question to begin getting the help you need.

Take a look through this whole website. Click the colorful icons on our home page to search for services or you can search by a custom topic.

You’ll find lots of organizations you can call right away. They will help solve problems you may be having….everything from money issues to child care to finding a job. And, if you would like to help others, click on the Volunteering icon.

Examples of How 211 Can Help You

  • Your electricity was just turned off because you couldn’t pay the bill. Call 211 to find out how to get help catching up on your payments.
  • Your grandmother can’t live alone any more. You wish you could take care of her, but you work all day. Call 211 to learn how to find a caring, safe place for her to live.
  • Someone in your home has started hitting you. Use 211 to find a safe place to go right now and to make a plan for the future.
  • Your teenager seems to have lost friends and spends too much time alone in his room. 211 can guide you to a mental health expert who can help you decide what to do next.
  • You just got a new job but are not sure how to get there. 211 can send you to transportation resources that can help.

Who’s in Charge of 211?

United Way of Lake County leads 211 but many, many other health and human service providers in our county, including the Lake County Government, contribute time, talent, and money to make it run smoothly. UWLC is extremely grateful for their support. UWLC has a contract with Interface Children and Family Services, a leading nonprofit, to be our 211 contact center. Trained 211 experts who work at the contact center are standing by to take your phone calls and texts.

Barrington Area Community Foundation (BACF)

assisted living services Barrington Area Community Foundation (BACF)


The purpose of the Barrington Area Community Foundation is to establish a permanent, long-term fund for the betterment of the community. The Foundation will use the annual proceeds to support initiatives that benefit the community and maintain our quality of life.

The Barrington Area is the greater of the Barrington Area Council of Governments (five suburbs with Barrington in the name and Tower Lakes and Deer Park) and School District #220. Population is approximately 45,000.


The Mission of the Barrington Area Community Foundation is to address the unmet needs of the community.

The Barrington Area Community Foundation supported Elderwerks in 2021 with a grant to help hire a person in our social services department. Without this support we would not have been able to expand our services.

FJK Private Foundation

The FJK Foundation is a private foundation supporting local not-for-profits who support the Palatine area community.

United Way of Lake County, Inc.

assisted living services United Way of Lake County, Inc.
Working together with our community partners, we are preparing our children to succeed in a changing world by focusing on education and building safe and stable families in Lake County, Illinois.We believe advocating for good public policy is critical to our mission to improve the lives of the children and families in Lake County.
United Way engages in public policy advocacy because we recognize our experience, knowledge, partnerships and influence can help inform policy-makers’ decisions regarding the policies affecting our community. We provide a nonpartisan platform for people to take meaningful action that will make a difference.We can’t do it alone, and we need your support. 

330 S. Greenleaf Street
Gurnee, IL 60031-3389


In Memory of Ronald Baxley

assisted living services In Memory of Ronald Baxley
Ronald Baxley touched many people's lives. Ron loved working in radio as a broadcaster, music director and station manager for many different radio stations in several states and also did play by play for the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Northwestern University Football team in Chicago. Eventually, Ron and his family moved to Illinois where the Satellite Music Network hired him as their “morning man” and he was heard on radio stations across the U.S. on the “Stardust” music format. That job moved him to Texas in 1990, and he continued working mornings as the network was bought by ABC and then Disney. While at ABC Radio he was able to take many great trips, including broadcasting live from Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World and taking several cruises with his listeners. Ron retired in June of 1998 and spent his days fishing, cheering for (or cursing at) the Gators, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Ron moved back to Illinois to be closer to family, settling in Grayslake with his wife, Chorine. Thank you to those who donated in Mr. Baxley's memory:

  • Becker, Freese, Hobik, Huerta and McGinn Families
  • Bob and Susette Blumenstein
  • The Bradley Family
  • Terrence and Dani Burns
  • The Martin Family
  • Frederick Myette
  • Sue Schmitz
  • The Shea Family 
  • Steve and Heather Tredup 
  • From the men and women of USAF HQ ACC Airborne Reconnaissance Branch
  • W.W. Grainger Inc. 
Elderwerks appreciates everyone's donations in memory of Mr. Baxley

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