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Thanks for the donation slip for my taxes. It will be very helpful.  And most of all thanks for the home health referrals. I am so happy to have chosen the Assisted Hands agency. Daniellah Salario has been wonderful! She has worked with me to interview the right people that will assist me with my husband. She is both caring & comforting. I would not have found her without your help. You deserve a medal for all u do to help seniors in their stressful time of life. I will always be grateful.

Charlene H.

Elderwerks was a Great help. Gail gave me 5 places to call and, long story short, my mom is now at Lakeview Rehab and Nursing center in Chicago a mere 25 minutes from family. I cannot thank you, and Elderwerks, enough. I plan to keep you informed and will highly recommend Elderwerks to my friends.

Wishing you well.  Warm regards, Lanette S.

Dear Tamara,

I am pleased to pass on the information that of July 2, 2017, Margaret was placed into Victory Centre of Sierra Ridge. I am grateful for the help that you were in these almost two years since I first inquired about options for her. Your information and time dedicated to finding options for her were most helpful. I just got off the phone with her, and while she is adjusting, she too, is at peace with being there. "I don't have to worry that if I had collapsed in the living room( of her mobile home,) that no one would know that I was laying there."

She has always expressed faith in God's provision, and we both are grateful for Sierra Ridge. She will have her health issues addressed there. (Hearing, Eyes, Toenails.) Her mind will stay engaged, and she is surrounded by people, and not living alone with no car or money! May you continue to be a blessing to the elderly in their very vulnerable years.


Stacy C.

Gail & Jennifer, My friend Michelle and her sister were sooo pleased with you, Gail! They raved about you!! Of course I knew you would be awesome, but I didn’t know how amazingly fast you could work a miracle. Thank you so very much! Angie

I want to express my appreciation for today's CEU presentations on Brain Health and Mastering Motivation.  I have attended many of the programs, but these were particularly enjoyable and useful personally as well as professionally, as I integrate holistic practices.  The "visceral manipulation" or abdominal massage is something new that I learned to change the acidity in our bodies, and I "am motivated" to use the helpful tools.  Faye Minkow, LCSW, Arbor Counseling Center

I’m trying to catch up with everything. I’ve visited all the apartments that fit my scope and I plan on submitting applications to two of them. I think there is a need for a lot more options in this area. I did tell all of the property managers that I was referred from Elderwerks. I think you are a very necessary service and I’m pleased with the response I’ve had on any questions. Gail, thanks for your follow up. Barb   

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to thank you for sponsoring the Thursday, 2/4 inservice at the Chocolate Sanctuary.  The venue was fabulous and I really enjoyed the speaker and subject matter.  This is the second event I have attended and you and your staff do an excellent job!  Adrienne G., Case Manager 

Hi Tamara, Thank-you so very much for your help today. I feel so encouraged. My sister, Cynthia, has lost so much in this past year. She is very close to my Mom, and until June 2015, they had been living together. As I mentioned, my mother has Stage 4 Alzheimer's Disease. She went into a nursing facility at the same time my sister did. My mother is now up by me in Lake County.

Cindy and Mom share the same birthday. Cindy does not get to visit my mom much anymore as Evanston is just too far away from my mom to arrange that. Cindy has completely lost her independence. She had to give up almost all of her possessions, her cat, and truly everything else that is and has been a comfort to her. I am so frustrated for her. She is trapped in a system that I have not understood how to navigate in and out of. With everything I have had to deal with for my mother, it has been overwhelming this past six months.  

It is so hard to know the 'rules' for those of us on the outside of this nursing home/Medicare/Medicaid system. We simply don't know what we don't know. When someone like you comes along and helps us family members to navigate thru it, there are no words to describe how grateful we are.

Thank-you so much for mentioning Deer Path to me today. If not for you, I would never have realized that this facility may turn out to be perfect for Cindy. I look forward to visiting Deer Path tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes. I wish God's richest blessings on your week, and your work. 

With great appreciation, Cathy 
P.S. I wanted to mention one more thing.  I am a recruiter by trade, and have been for 20 years. I recruit engineers. In my business, I present engineers to manufacturing companies all over the country. Sometimes they get hired, and sometimes they don't.  

Every once in a while I will present a candidate to a company where this candidate has approached that company before. For whatever reason, the candidate never heard from the company. Perhaps they email a resume in to an ad posting. Doesn't really matter - The bottom line is that this candidate would NEVER have gotten hired by this company if it was not for my efforts to get them 'in the door', as they say. We recruiters call that the 'But For' rule. But for my efforts, you never would have hired this person.

As far as I am concerned, your presentation to me today of Deer Path as a possible home for my sister is exactly the same thing. Yes, I contacted them last fall, but did not think it would work for Cindy. But for your efforts, I would never have looked into this facility again.

Hey Jennifer!  Happy New Year to your family and all your wonderful staff.  I could not be where I am without all your help.  I am still at Gurnee Meadows and love it here.  Everyone is great!  Back over the summer I called my regular consultant and she gave me names of agencies where I could request light housekeeping help.  I called Catholic Charities first and a few weeks later had an interview with one of their case workers.  I was able to get minimal help I needed, for which I am grateful.  So, once again, the work your agency provides is priceless; have no doubt about that!  God bless you all and all the years to come!  All my best wishes, Barbara T. 

Heidi and I first took the tour of Brookdale in Niles. We loved it right off the bat! The next weekend we took mom and dad to take the tour. At first they were not sure if the would like something like this. I said what's not to like! Two meals a day, house keeping, entertainment, you never have to leave if you don't want to. So they said ok. They have been there since Sept. 9th and they really like it. One of their close friends came to visit a few weeks after they settled in, loved the place and has since moved in. They have met people that they knew from years back living there. We're all happy about the move. Thanks so much for giving us the info to this place!  

Pete and Heidi B. 

Jennifer - I just wanted to thank you for your support and also for helping get my father into Fox Point for his respite stay.  After his two weeks there he has decided to give it a try and we actually moved him into a studio over the weekend.  I know this is the best thing for him to have people around to watch him as well as the social involvement with other residents.
Scott A. 

Hi Caryl, Thank you again so much for all your help.  It's comforting to know that there are people like you out there who are so concerned & comforting to our elderly.  Wishing you a safe and wonderful holiday season!
Candace L. T. 

I cannot thank Caryl D. enough!  Her guidance and listening ear were much appreciated!  Her resourceful information and educational tools she provided for my sister and I have helped us direct our focus to the most important items regarding our parent.  I will continue to sing her praises and spread the word to others caring for their parents.  Thank you!
Susan G. 

Just wanted to explain I'm "unsubscribing" because my husband passed away last month.  It was for him that I was interested in housing for elders.  Thank you for reaching out and doing the work you do.
Laurie W.
Caryl Derenfeld was such a nice lady, very interested in me and our needs, she went above and beyond for me.  I just can't say enough!  She is a beacon in the night!  Bill O.
I can't thank you enough for all of your time, patience, and advice.  Your help has been invaluable!
Thank you for sharing your website with me.  We're grateful for all the information we can get!  :)
Melissa W.

Thank you. I attended last night’s discussion on Long Term Planning w/Chronic Disease w/speaker from Dutton & Casey and it was so informative and the speaker was captivating.
Donna Durgin, RN

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent lectures at Lexington on Monday morning. The speakers were helpful and well spoken and the treat of lunch was appreciated!
Maryellen Bilek 

I just wanted to say again that Jennifer and all the Elderwerks team are a Godsend! I was at my wit's end not knowing where to find a nice affordable place on just my ss alone.  I happened on the Elderwerks site and decided to give them a call. Jennifer is fantastic no matter what your problem or what type of help you need. DO NOT HESITATE TO GIVE THEM A CALL NO MATTER WHAT ASSISTANCE YOU NEED!! Blessings to you all! 
Barb T.
Sorry I haven’t done this sooner but I am truly grateful for the day Elderwerks contacted me and put me in contact w/Tamarack.  It is my belief that y’all have a God connection that brought me here and I’ve felt so blessed every day that I’ve been here.  Can only hope that I have the means to stay here “till death do us part” J -- so to say J
You have a great service to us elderly and will happily refer anyone to use your service.  May your New Year be filled w/ many happy clients.
Lee S. 

Hi Ellen,
I am sorry that I have not replied back earlier. Chris is still in the hospital but is expected to come home soon. I haven't replied because I wanted the time to write you about the patient advocate that you referred me to. I cannot tell you how invaluable Teri at North Shore Patient Advocate has been. She is getting things done that Lynn or I could never have gotten done on our own, and I highly recommend that families use a patient advocate to speak on their behalf. We do not have the medical expertise to know what is best for our loved one. She has given us piece of mind. She challenges the hospitals and insurance companies and demanded results....and got them! She also has a great team of people that support her.
You have been a fantastic resource as well. You have put us in contact with many people/agencies that have been a great help. Chris is a very complicated case. A family has enough emotional turmoil to deal with after an accident. Thank you.  Hope you have a great New Years!
Lora S. 

Thanks for you email as it helps our Mom's cause. You are truly a consummate Community Resource Consultant! Happy Holidays to you and yours as well.
Al D.  
Good job to you, Jennifer!!!  I could not have done it without your help!  I am so glad i found you and Elderwerks!!
Barbara T.

Never in life would I have ever thought that I would be placed in a situation where I would need to search out a place to provide long term health care for an aunt and uncle; two people that I dearly love, but a few weeks ago that’s where I found myself. I can’t begin to describe the overwhelming emotions that had begun to overtake me. Not knowing where to start, my attorney Janna Dutton, suggested that I contact Elderwerks. Nervously, I dialed your number and was greeted on the other end by the friendly voice of Monica Donnelly. Within minutes I graduated from being this nervous loss soul reaching out for help to a calm, relaxed, trusting soul.
Monica, had no idea how nervous and scared I was when I called, but just being able to talk openly about my worries and concerns was so refreshing. I won’t go into the details of our conversation, but I will say this much we talked for an hour and a half. Monica was a Godsend for me that day. You may say that an hour and a half was just entirely too long. But not for me! My heart was heavy that day. I needed a girlfriend to talk to. I needed a long…coffee break with a close friend. I needed someone to just say you’re not crazy and Monica took the time to give me all the things I needed.
Elderwerks, I personally want to thank you for having people like Monica as part of your staff. I was not able to use the facility that Monica, suggested only because my aunt’s health has worsened before she could return to the Illinois area; but I was able to use the good advice that had been given me to locate facilities that could provide her the needed health care in the Claremont, California area. Elderwerks, will always be a name I will refer others to when and if ever I have the opportunity to do so.
Just Another Caring Soul, Sandra P.

Good morning.  Kudos to you and the rest of the organizing group of this conference! The event was informational, educational and well organized. Definitely a day well spent.
Thank you for providing Hearthstone the opportunity to be a resource table.
Beth B.

The presentation re: Senior Gems—given by Bob Tucker was simply FANTASTIC!  The information was practical and easy to follow; the handouts were professional and informative and the “freebies” by all the sponsors were useful and appreciated.   Please thank them for me---and thank you for making the reservations so easy.
Sincerely, Susan S.

Hi Carol - We spent the week visiting facilities. I think Dad felt most comfortable and in particular really connected with the staff at Belmont Village. I left a message with them today that we'd like to move forward with them since they only had one vacancy we don't want to lose it.  Thank you for your help, your meeting with us helped to get us started down a good path.
Rich K.

Hi Tamara,
You have been so wonderful to help me and keep in touch all this time. I sleep well knowing I did everything I could and now realize that it is not my decision to make nor do I have any say. I need to take care of my own health now and have completely stepped away other than call my mom regularly. Thanks so much for all you have done to help me. You are a wonderful person and are really good at what you. Take care and enjoy the holiday.

I have been working with Monica Donnelly and I wanted you to know she is a loving and compassionate person. I found Elderwerks after looking on the web and wanted to thank you for your services.
Dorothy W.

I never say never when it relates to paths crossing, but in my current geography it's doubtful. So when I came across one of your recommendations for someone on Linked-in I couldn't let this moment pass without saying how very impressed and appreciative I was to work with you. At first meeting I was impressed by your energy, passion and commitment to serving others. You are the real deal and I was very fortunate to have the chance to work with you.
Sincerely, Constance B.

Your organization has provided not only quality leads to us, but also in the process depicted very sound patient management services. As a Joint Commission organization, we simply do better with the higher level service cases and providers.  I am very willing to reward great referral partners like you, simply because in the end we are on the same team trying to care for this interesting Senior market we’ve all chosen to operate within. Thanks again for thinking of us with that referral in the first place.
Jim Flickinger, Chief Marketing Officer, BrightStar Care of Dupage-Wheaton

Thanks also for helping my friend Sue.  You are really good at your job!
Jo S.

Hi Lecia,
I just wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciated the wonderful service last night. The food and refreshments were delicious and an unexpected surprise.
Thank you for hosting!  Jessie D, LSW

Thanks so much for hosting the presentation today. It was a GREAT wealth of info.  I am learning so much because --as vendors and practitioners in the healthcare field--we all need to understand the WHOLE process. Each presentation I have gone to (esp. the ones Elderwerks has sponsored ) has helped me get a better handle on a new segment of the system. ( Medicare, Health insurances, SNF, Physicians, administrators, peers, therapists, social workers, nurses, etc.) and the questions after the talks often indicate concerns or represent real issues.  I am sorry to hear that many do not take the time to say "thank you " or  tell you how much these informational gatherings make a difference." (But you can know that...even if they don't TELL you....the information IS benefiting more than just the attendee.....the knowledge gets carried from every participant into their framework of understanding to make them better at their jobs.) Elderwerks is providing a very needed piece to  the  on going CE process for healthcare professionals.  :)  Thank you again!
Sincerely, Susan Schais, Speech Therapist for Lighthouse Speech SOLUTIONS, Ltd.  

Thank you so much Ellen for all your help! I have talked to many people during the last four months since my brother's injury and I have to say that you have been the most knowledgeable, helpful, sincere, sympathetic ear I have had. You seem to know exactly what I am up against and have directed me to places that can help solve those challenges. You have lifted a weight off my shoulders. Thank you for your suggestions and advise. I will definitely take advantage of your expertise. I look forward to working with you and will keep you updated on my/our progress.
Warmest regards, Lora S.  

Jennifer - Thank you for keeping in touch and keeping us posted on the latest Eldercare news.  We finally have my mom, settled into Eastgate Manor in Algonquin.  It looks like it's a win/win for all of us.  Mom seems to really like it and my husband and I are so relieved and comforted to know that there is always someone around if she needs assistance.  It's also nice to know that we don't have to drive an hour to spend time with her.  Keep up your good work.
Sincerely, Dolores C.  

I got my mother, Marlene in The Park. I moved her January 6th, in just 2 1/2 weeks notice on the coldest day in 30 years! Can't tell you how happy I am and most importantly, she is. Thank you so much for suggesting it. The people are  wonderful there and I feel so relieved for the first time in years.
Blanche H

Mom has been at Lexington a week and today I signed the paperwork.  I thank God for your agency and all your help.
L. Morales

"D" has moved into Valley Hi and is very happy. They are working with him in different ways to ensure he is happy and healthy. When asked when he expects to go home, he replied that it looks like he was going to stay and die at Valley Hi - but happily.  Even if I'm not talking to your company currently, you are in the back of my mind. Knowing you as a resource I want to thank you. I've told several people about your company and tell them to call you.......I was just thinking about you yesterday and here you are calling me today. Thank you for checking in on my father.

Hi Ellen, Just a quick note to say thank you again for taking the time to assist me with this most difficult process. It is great to know that  there are people like you out there who are passionate about helping others in this way. I am sure you will be hearing from me again as I continue to do research and tour facilities in an effort to find a safe, caring environment for my mom.
Take care. Paula E.

Paula: Thanks for everything.” You were a real support during years of trying times, first with my dad and then with my mom.  My mother passed on – June 22nd. I was with her at home and it was peaceful.
Leslie E.  

Hello Tamara,
It's just about 9pm Tuesday, 6/11.  I just read your email and left a voicemail with Wendy. Hopefully I hear back from her tomorrow.  It's difficult to tell you how much I respect what you do and how much I appreciate it.  It is an invaluable service.  In the past there were days I would purposely take off work in order to put in a whole day's worth of calling facilities throughout Illinois that I hoped my father-in-law would be eligible for.
However, what I've been finding lately is how, for lack of a better word, apprehensive he is for such a major change.  In addition to that, even though he has expressed the desire to move closer to his children (and now his grandchild), he has imposed such a difficult want to fulfill on the situation (the want for a private room) that I can't help but assume he would rather, on some level, stay put in Utah. Regardless, I still hope for a scenario to open up that would at least provide him the opportunity to make that decision.
So... in so many words, you are an agent of hope.
Thank You Tamara, Mike

A couple of years ago when my Father In Law took ill, I contacted Jen for information.  We were so new to having to deal with this, it was a great relief to have someone be able to say, 'Try this place'.  Placing a loved one in a strange facility to be taken care of by complete strangers is very scary and to have someone who has been doing this for years, say, it's ok, this place is wonderful, takes a load of worry out of your heart.
Recently when we had to find a hospice facility for my Father In Law, I again contacted Jen.  The man was a Korean war veteran, a hard working, family man who deserved the right to die with dignity and we needed a place that cared as he left us.  Again, Jen gave us the name of three places and when the hospice rep mentioned the first place on her list and it matched Jen's first choice, it was a sense of relief.
Sharon M.

Dealing with a loved one who can no longer care for themselves is a scary venture.  You dont know who to talk to or who to believe and trust.  Trying to find someone who will care about them as much as you do is not an easy task.  But having a company like Elderwerks and Jennifer Prell behind you, it makes it a whole lot easier!  E. is now in a nursing home in Rochelle. The wealth of knowledge that you gave me I believe is what got the ball rolling in regards to getting her placed. Thank you so much.
Regards, Pat P.

I wanted you to know that Tamara Kruse has been such a wonderful help to me as I worked thru the process of finding my parents a place to live. With sending housing possibilities, phone numbers, making calls for me, and always following up with me...I couldn't have found Emerald Village & kept my sanity at the same time without her! Many people have asked how I found the right place & I've shared "Elderwerks"...I also have an Elderwerks folder I am keeping for future use as things change!! So, thank you for your services...such a blessing to caregivers!
Sincerely, Nancy P.

We are writing to thank you and everyone else who helped to make our journey to find senior housing for our Aunt Pauline much easier from the first telephone call we made to Elderwerks. It has been an experience in which my husband and I have never encountered before. With all the guidance we received from Elderwerks at the beginning of our search, the journey was a lot smoother. We appreciate all you did for us. Pauline (92 years young) is now situated in Victory Centre in Vernon Hills Il. as of April 30th. She seems to be adjusting fairly well. It is a stressful time for her with leaving her home, giving up her loving pets and not being able to drive any longer. The social environment has been a blessing for her and the assistance being provided to her is a blessing for us too. I have recommended Elderwerks to my brother and sister-in-law who are facing the same situation with her mother. Again, thank you and may God bless you.
Margaret & Charles P.

I appreciate the kind assistance you gave me when my brother was ill. You may remember that he died while we were sill corresponding. In a way I hope I never need your professional services. But, of course, it seems that Elderwerks can assist in any one of many situations of need. So I shall keep your name and contact information in my computer and PDA files. Also I will be glad to refer your services to others in the event the opportunity comes up. I looked at your website and will now keep it among my "favorites". Thanks again. I am usually reluctant to establish a personal business association with someone I don't know. Many approaches are made by merchants who shout "its free" but soon afterwards demand $ for some necessary transaction before any "free" stuff can arrive. I have confidence in you.
Jim F.

We do appreciate how you helped during this challenging time. You are very good at what you do. Best of luck with your new endeavor and we will keep you in mind should Mike need assistance with his parents (that is another tale!).
Thanks again, Joan C.

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