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04/23/2024   How Elderwerks Supports Seniors
04/04/2024   Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Fact Sheet
04/04/2024   Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Fact Sheet
04/02/2024   Travel Safety Tips For Seniors
03/29/2024   Elderwerks Becomes a Safe Moves for Seniors Chapter
02/20/2024   Veterans Charitable Organizations
12/21/2023   Memory Cafes in Illinois
12/19/2023   Illinois CEU Requirements for Social Workers
12/05/2023   Mastering the Art of Online Hobbies: A Guide for Older Adults
10/09/2023   Moving a Person Living with Dementia
10/05/2023   Creative Aging: Exploring New Activities for Seniors
10/03/2023   Welcome to the Team Arlene Schiff!
09/28/2023   Aging Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful – Plan for Future Needs Now
08/04/2023   A Boss Move and a Heart for Service
08/01/2023   Senior Move Managers Minimize Transition Angst
07/14/2023   Benefits of Lifelong Learning for Seniors
06/29/2023   Planning Your Future
06/21/2023   Home Safety Checklist for Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease
05/05/2023   Only Medicare is Medicare - Medicare Advantage is Private Insurance
01/25/2023   Elderwerks Welcomes Rosemary to the Team!
11/30/2022   Aging Isn't for The Timid!
11/07/2022   Touring a Senior Community? Download a Touring Chart
09/25/2022   Make a Senior Smile
04/19/2022   Make a Plan for Emergencies
10/14/2021   Suburban Cook County Rental Assistance: A COVID-19 Recovery Program
04/22/2021   Amazon Scams
04/01/2021   Care Concerns are the Same Whether Paying Privately or Through Medicaid
03/19/2021   Elderwerks Named Essential Service in Chicago Caregiver Magazine
03/11/2021   CMS Updates Visitation Guidance for Nursing Homes
03/04/2021   Beware of Phone Scams
02/25/2021   Jennifer Prell Receives the Palatine Chamber Community Organization of the Year Award 2020
02/17/2021   COVID-19 Vaccine Update
02/15/2021   Fun Things to Do at Home
02/11/2021   Save the Date - Elderwerks Aging Better Expo: Planning Your Future Today
02/10/2021   COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center
01/12/2021   WARNING! COVID-19 Vaccine Scams are now prevalent in Illinois.
01/11/2021   Dementia Care: Helping Your Loved One Stay Connected and Safe
01/07/2021   Hold-On The COVID-19 Vaccine is on the Way
12/27/2020   Coping well during the Pandemic – An Elderwerks Interview
12/27/2020   Ten Uplifting Holiday Thoughts
12/16/2020   Fire Safety for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing
12/11/2020   Seasonal depression and older adults
12/04/2020   CARES Act Tax Benefit
07/30/2020   Do You Need Help with Healthcare Costs? Learn About Medicaid Eligibility
07/29/2020   Medicaid at Home
07/25/2020   Meet the Elderwerks Team
04/23/2020   Jennifer Prell on WBBM Radio talking with Bernie Tafoya
04/07/2020   A Pragmatist's Advice for Nursing Homes
03/27/2020   Dementia and My Dad by Gayle Nudelman
03/03/2020   National Deaf History Month is March 13 through April 15
11/07/2019   That Time I Was the Daughter
10/04/2019   Genetic Testing is Never Free
09/11/2019   Videos from Elderwerks Education and Resource Fair: Planning To and Through Retirement
08/15/2019   Plan for Retirement and Beyond With This Helpful Checklist
08/02/2019   Jennifer Prell on Senior Living
07/16/2019   Illinois Attorney General Consumer Resource Directory
01/23/2019   Navigating Through the Aging Process isn't Easy
12/17/2018   Jennifer Prell Receives OWL Award
11/14/2018   Elderwerks Education and Senior Fair: Planning To and Through Retirement 2nd Wednesday in August Each Year
11/01/2018   Nearing the End
10/26/2018   VA Pension Update
09/07/2018   Elderwerks Professional Continuing Education
03/07/2018   The Fall Call
02/20/2018   Medical Marijuana is in Demand
02/01/2017   Beware of Thieves!
01/24/2017   The grandPad
01/24/2017   Getting to Know the iPad (For Seniors)
01/24/2017   Using the iPad to Communicate with Your Family (For Seniors)
01/24/2017   16 Helpful Apps for Seniors
10/26/2016   The End of Secrecy in Nursing Home Wrongdoing
05/15/2016   Time Management Tips
03/29/2016   How Volunteering with Older Adults Can Improve Your Life
02/02/2016   How We Used to Die; How We Die Now
12/18/2015   Is Alzheimer’s research really making progress?
12/16/2015   Congressional budget deal repeals Social Security benefit strategies
12/10/2015   New Rules Will Make It Harder to Qualify for Long-Term Care Help From the VA
10/30/2015   It’s Time to Make Dementia Screenings a Part of Your Preventative Wellness Routine. Here’s How -
09/29/2015   Illinois Residents Will Be Safer thanks to Silver Search
09/27/2015   Three Things Every Senior Adult Should Know When Recovering From Surgery
09/17/2015   As the Number of People with Dementia Grows, So Does the Need for Caregiver Support.
05/25/2015   Home Care Agency Choices - How Do You Choose?
05/12/2015   Recognizing Cognitive Decline
03/15/2015   Elder Abuse
03/15/2015   Scams Taking Advantage of our Seniors
03/15/2015   Four Things to Avoid When Encouraging Senior Independence
03/03/2015   Helping Seniors - Quality, Commitment and Ownership
12/24/2014   Veterans Benefits You May Not Know About
12/24/2014   Saving Money at Local Restaurants, Retail Stores, Grocery Stores and More!
06/26/2014   Caring for the Caregiver
04/15/2014   Spring is Upon Us
03/10/2014   Spring Clean Up

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