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Mother's Day, Father's Day Offer Opportunities to Assess Your Parents Health

Mother's Day and Father's Day is a good time to spend with other senior loved ones. In addition to sharing time as a family, it's also a good opportunity to evaluate how your loved one is doing at home.

Take some time to observe how your parents are doing living on their own. More than 60 percent of individuals age 80 and older need some level of assistance. While asking for help may not be easy at first, many seniors welcome it. Assistance at home can help them stay healthier longer and improve their quality of life.

Elderwerks offers the following checklist to help identify specific care needs:

  • Medical concerns: Does the senior have medical issues or physical limitations that requires frequent monitoring? Are there any signs of memory loss or confusion?
  • Lifestyle changes: If the older adult unkempt or unclean? Has the house they so carefully took care of for years started to look cluttered or dirty? Is it difficult for them to get up or down the stairs?
  • Financial issues: Is the older adult writing too many checks or not paying the bills? Are the credit cards being abused?
  • Safety issues: Has the senior had some minor fender benders or having issues seeing the signs and other cars? Do they call you often because they're afraid or have some delusions?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is "yes", it may be time to consider assisted living options. Elderwerks works with families to identify the best senior housing or care options. We help establish long-term lifestyle goals, then identify the ideal assisted living, retirement community, or nursing home that best fits the individual's specific needs.

Don't wait until a crisis occurs. Plan ahead so everyone has a clear understanding of what the senior wants. It's easier to transition if you plan ahead.

Elderwerks also helps seniors and their families find experienced real estate agents, elder law attorneys, financial advisors and Senior Move Managers. The Senior Care Advisors are experts in senior housing and government options. Call 855-462-0100 for more information and your free assistance.

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