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Caring for the Caregiver 

While we were on-site at the Elderwerks Education and Resource Fair: Planning To and Through Retirement for seniors and older adults, a visitor posed the following question: How do we help a caregiver/spouse who is taking care of a loved one with dementia?

Oftentimes we see caregivers who try to become silent superheroes. They sacrifice sleep, proper nutrition, and exercise. Many who are still working or raising families admit their minds aren’t engaged. Careers suffer, and life on the home front becomes strained. The bottom-line is a caregiver who tries operating in an “always on” mode becomes sick or so severely run down, they can no longer deliver the necessary support to their loved one.

Although some people look at reaching out for help as a sign of weakness or “defeat,” seeking assistance is a very practical and responsible approach. Over the years I have spoken with dozens of caregivers we have helped, and a common thread is surprise at the vast amount of quality resources available and regret they hadn’t reached out for help earlier.

If you or someone you care about is grappling with life balance while meeting the needs of a loved one or friend, Elderwerks offers a printed Senior Resource Directory for Illinois, that includes all local and federal programming such as transportation, nutritional projects, social services, charities, etc. You can also view an electronic version of the guide on our website at

Hiring a home care agency with employees proficient at working with dementia patients is the prescribed route. These professionals can come in for a few hours per day, offering a breather, permitting you to work, go shopping, get some exercise or even enjoy a day at the spa. It’s also important to seek out help, and accept help, from family, and friends who can pitch-in by performing some basic household chores, paying bills, cooking, or running errands.

Supporting a person with dementia is a full-time job that requires the labor and love of many please don’t go it alone.

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