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Speaker Expectations

The following items are required prior to your presentation for continuing education to professionals:
  • The Objectives Form
  • The speaker’s biography.
  • A copy of the Power Point a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event for Elderwerks to create post-test.
  • The Director of Education will approve the speaker and topic within48 hours of receipt of the Objectives Form and biography.
Once the CE is approved by the Director of Education, with your permission, we may offer it to other Elderwerks partners. Elderwerks then manages the CE event.
Elderwerks process for continuing education for professionals:
  • If not an in-person event, Elderwerks creates the webinar link.
  • Elderwerks takes all RSVP’s at
  • We may promote in our educational email.
  • Elderwerks logo must be on all marketing materials.
  • The statement “CEs provided by Elderwerks Educational Services” is to be included on all materials.
  • We will distribute flyers, if available.
  • All sponsors will promote the event.
  • All attendees must sign in on Elderwerks sign-in form.
  • Elderwerks will introduce our organization.
  • After the presentation, attendees will complete their online evaluations.
  • Elderwerks will create a post-test from the Power Point.
  • Elderwerks will email the certificate of attendance within one week of the presentation.
  • The attendee’s list is emailed to the sponsors and speaker upon request.
If you have any questions, please contact your Advisor or email

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