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Welcome to the Team Arlene Schiff!

Tuesday October 03, 2023 - Mo Dhaliwal
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Elderwerks would like to welcome their newest team member, Arlene Schiff. She will be coming on as an Education Specialist.
Arlene Schiff, BSN, RN, brings over 25 years of healthcare, education, and sales expertise to Elderwerks. With a background as an experienced administrator, and sales and operations director, she has devoted more than 15 years to the senior living and private duty home care sectors. Prior to joining Elderwerks, Arlene played an important role in Client Success Management helping companies achieve positive results by optimizing caregiving and mental health and wellness benefits for her clients.

Arlene is a knowledgeable professional and a compassionate registered nurse, a distinction she earned at the University of Illinois. Her true passion lies in assisting and educating seniors and their families - a commitment that extends beyond her professional life. Arlene has a genuine love for listening to the life stories of those she serves.

In addition, Arlene is an accomplished speaker and presenter, sharing her knowledge and insights on caregiving, mental health and wellness, and dementia, as well as navigating the intricacies of senior care. When she's not educating, you can find Arlene indulging in her love for her ever-growing family and two dogs, all while enjoying her time running, hiking, and traveling.

 To learn more about Arlene Schiff and the rest of the Elderwerks staff Click Here. 

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