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Elderwerks professionals are experts in supporting seniors and professionals with education, information and referrals. If you have any questions please reach out to one of our team members.

Jennifer Prell - Assisted Living Services

Jennifer Prell

CEO & Founder

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Gail Niksic - Assisted Living Services

Gail Niksic

Strategy Director

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Christine Petrik - Assisted Living Services

Christine Petrik

Director of Education

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Deana Liss - Assisted Living Services

Deana Liss

Executive Director

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Arlene Schiff - Assisted Living Services

Arlene Schiff

Education Specialist

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Rosemary Newman - Assisted Living Services

Rosemary Newman

Social Services Specialist

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Lecia Szuberla - Assisted Living Services

Lecia Szuberla

Event Specialist

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Tamara Kruse - Assisted Living Services

Tamara Kruse

Senior Advisor

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Barbara Rosenberg - Assisted Living Services

Barbara Rosenberg

Senior Advisor

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Ginia Goggio - Assisted Living Services

Ginia Goggio

Business Development Specialist

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Kristin Mertz - Assisted Living Services

Kristin Mertz

Communication & Engagement Specialist

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Julissa Gomez - Assisted Living Services

Julissa Gomez


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