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Veteran Organizations

Local veteran support, benefits, and programs

Veterans Assistance Commission (VAC) - McHenry County

assisted living services Veterans Assistance Commission (VAC) - McHenry County

Mission Statement

The Veterans Assistance Commission of McHenry County Provides services to the local veterans community in the areas of Financial Assistance, VA Claims & Advocacy, Transportation to the North Chicago VA Medical Center,  and Referrals Assistance.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to eligible Honorably discharged veterans and eligible immediate family members, and the eligible surviving spouse of an Honorably discharged veteran
  • Shelter: Rental or Mortgage assistance is paid directly to landlords / mortgage companies on behalf of eligible veterans.  We can assist placing homeless veterans into motels, hotels, or appropriate shelters.
  • Utilities: Payments can be made for electric, heat, water & sewage, trash removal, and medically required telephone service.
  • Food & Household Items: We can provide food vouchers for groceries, hygiene products, and household cleaning supplies.
  • Transportation: Fuel vouchers are available to assist eligible veterans with proof of insurance.
  • Independent Living: We can help veterans remain independent longer by assisting with payments to Independent Living Services 

 Referrals Services

The Veterans Assistance Commission works closely with numerous Federal, State, and Local agencies.  The VAC will work with clients to identify their needs and provide information about agencies that can help.
VA Claims & Advocacy
Military Service Members returning to civilian life and older veterans alike are strongly encouraged to visit a Veterans Service Officer to review VA benefits. Our Veterans Service Officers are accredited by the VA to prepare, present, and prosecute claims for VA Disability and Pension benefits on behalf of veterans and/or their families.  We are also available to assist with identifying and applying for other benefits or programs offered by the VA such as VA Healthcare.
There are many other programs and services not administered by the VA which veterans and/or their family members may be eligible.  We can help identify benefits the veteran and/or the veteran’s family can use. 


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