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Skilled nursing facilities offering therapy and medical support for a short period of time.

Avondale Estates of Elgin

assisted living services Avondale Estates of Elgin
Avondale Estates Of Elgin is a large skilled nursing facility in Elgin that offers 24/7 medical care for older adults.

Avondale Estates Of Elgin residents receive 24-hour medical care. This can include administration of intravenous therapy, injections, wound care, catheter placement, and general medical treatment and monitoring. This is in addition to help with patients' activities of daily living (ADLs), like toileting, getting dressed, and grooming. Stays at skilled nursing facilities are typically relatively short, as an older adult recovers from illness, injury, surgery, or other medical event. This is why many SNFs also offer care services like physical therapy, occupational therapy, or even speech or respiratory therapy.

Crescent Care of Elgin

assisted living services Crescent Care of Elgin

We are an exceptional community for those who need daily medical care and are seeking a comfortable and safe place to age well. We have created a feeling of family, where guests socialize in a comfortable and caring atmosphere while receiving post acute care. Our care team ensures guests receive excellent health care services while enjoying the wide range of activities, programming and outings that are at the heart of Crescent Care.

Our short-term care model delivers comprehensive nursing care by licensed and certified therapists and medical personnel to help ease the transition from hospital to home. We offer complete post-hospital care focused on restoring physical ability and independence quickly and comfortably.

180 South State Street
Elgin, IL 60123


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