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Mom's Meals

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It’s time we made better health more accessible, and it begins with the very food we eat. At Mom’s Meals, we purposefully design meals with the power to fill and fuel life. What all started with our own Mom has grown to fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends.

We recognized our neighbors in need – of greater care and a more personalized way to access nutritious meals to help them through their day. And many healthcare and social services professionals who work tirelessly to make a difference also needed a more powerful path forward that puts accessible food at the forefront. So, we took action, cultivating refrigerated meals programs designed to support the many nuanced stages of life. We know that every individual has unique needs, and we believe they deserve accessible nutrition that can improve health outcomes.

Today we carry this mission forward, taking care of others as if they are part of our own family, with every meal we make. More than just a delivery service, and much more than just food, our programs put choice in the hands of our clients. With the right recipe, we can make a remarkable impact, today and tomorrow. 


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Finding assisted living or other types of senior care can be overwhelming and a time-consuming task. Elderwerks is a relationship-based company. We are dedicated to our families 24/7.

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