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Emergency Services

These resources include life alerts, emergency contact management services, and other services to insure a persons safety.

Hoffman Estates Police Department

assisted living services Hoffman Estates Police Department
The very first Hoffman Estates Police Station was located near the intersection of Illinois Blvd. and Evanston Street where the Children’s Advocacy Center building is now located. There only existed one set of bars on the one rear window of the building and was in that room that the police officers arranged a makeshift jail cell. In those days, there existed room for only one prisoner, eventually 2 cells were installed.

There were no portable or squad car radios in order to transmit calls. Information from the station to the officers out on patrol had to be relayed in a “strange” manner.

In order to know if they were needed somewhere, the officers continually passed by the station and looked to see if the window at the front of the building had it’s shade pulled down or if the shade was still up. If it was down, this was the message to the officers on the street that a police call had come in and the officer noticing the downed shade should pull into the lot and go inside of the station to determine what type of assistance was needed. Car radios were installed in 1967.

The Police Department moved its station to 1200 Gannon Drive in 1972 in what exists today as a modern style facility.

411 W Higgins Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169


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