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Support Groups

Caring for Caregivers at Rush

assisted living services Caring for Caregivers at Rush

Caring for Caregivers at Rush supports adult caregivers of any age (over 18), who provide care to anyone over the age of 60. There is no requirement to be a patient of Rush, for either the caregiver or the care recipient.

They offer one-to-one caregiver support. They start with a series of questions for the caregiver to learn more about their situation. From there we offer individual sessions to address caregiver needs, identify goals, and plan for what matters to both caregiver and care recipient.

There is no charge for the initial call and assessments. They also provide any needed referrals and information. Once the assessments are completed and if the caregiver wants to enroll, we do bill insurance for short-term psychotherapy (between 1 and 5 sessions) and we will confirm the coverage before we begin sessions, so that any charges do not come unexpectedly to caregivers.


The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy

assisted living services The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy
The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy is a public charity foundation committed to fostering collaboration among today’s most gifted and dedicated neuroscientists and physicians. These specialists from around the country will help us maintain a comprehensive view of the field and determine the research areas that hold the most promise in neuropathy research and treatment to develop new and effective therapies that can reverse, reduce and one day eliminate Peripheral Neuropathy. It is our ultimate goal to utilize every means and opportunity to dramatically improve the lives of those living with this painful and debilitating disorder.

485 Half Day Rd.
Suite 350
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


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