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Geriatric Care Managers

Specialists that help families who are caring for older relatives.

Elite Care Management, Inc.

assisted living services Elite Care Management, Inc.
Working through the maze of today’s healthcare and insurance systems can be trying in the best of circumstances. When you are faced with a long-term care situation, we can help you evaluate and analyze the best available care options for your particular needs. Our top priority is to find compatible caregiver matches for each of our patients and to work together to allow you or your loved one to stay in the comfort of your home.


At Your Request Patient Advocate, LLC

Your Private Patient Advocate
& Navigator 
  • Crisis intervention- in the hospital where you are most vulnerable
  • ​New diagnosis - choices and education of treatment options available​
  • Companion at Doctors visits
  • Ongoing care management through assessment, planning, and monitoring of services
  • Liaison between doctors, caregivers, and family
  • In home evaluations
  • Assist with set up of home services, and coordination of care services
  • Assistance with Advanced directives
  • Medication review, set up, and management
  • Health History Compilation
  • Working in an efficient and timely manner to meet your needs


Independence Health & Therapy

assisted living services Independence Health & Therapy

Adult Day Health Program provides opportunities for socialization and therapeutic activities for individuals who may be isolated in the community or who require assistance due to physical, emotional or mental health challenges. Through care coordination, medication monitoring and disease management, along with early and effective access to care, there are fewer trips to the emergency room and fewer hospitalizations.

Memory Care and Respite Services aim to improve care for individuals with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or other neurocognitive disorder. The programs include an award-winning day program that promotes cognitive and physical stimulation in a socialized setting; several support groups are included for family members. These services offer door-to-door transportation from residences throughout our service area.
Behavioral Health Services Program provides preventative counseling and education for individuals who are at risk of clinical depression and anxiety. Geriatric psychiatry is available or those experiencing symptoms of a mental health diagnosis or challenges due to Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. 
Occupational therapy is based on activities that encourage patients to contribute to their own recovery, strengthen and re-educate muscles and teach skills for daily living. It addresses fine motor development, along with the movement and strength of the upper extremities. 
Physical therapy helps men, women and children of all ages with a wide range of conditions such as birth defects, acquired disabilities, sports injuries and physical impairments associated with the aging process. Therapists ork to improve muscular strength and flexibility and teach fall prevention and balance skills. They also educate patients and families so that clients remain strong and healthy after they have been discharged.
Speech therapy is based on restoring swallowing functions and developing effective communication skills. Speech language pathologists serve patients with brain injuries, developmental disabilities, autism, strokes, communication problems, vocal cord malfunctions and oral motor problems.


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