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Enlighten Eldercare LLC

assisted living services Enlighten Eldercare LLC

About Enlighten Eldercare, LLC

-Equipping family caregivers with information and knowledge on age-related issues and challenges

-Assisting elder care communities to advance person-responsive care

-Providing professional caregivers with tools to advance skills and effectiveness

-Promoting quality of life for elders and their caregivers


Who We Serve:

-Faith Communities

-Senior Housing & Health care communities


-Hospice/Home Care

-Private consultation


Programs and Events:

Our eldercare programs in the greater Chicago area promise to deliver easy-to-learn, feasible solutions to create culture change within our client organizations. Learn more about our programs such as Dementia Live, Compassionate Touch and more.

Let us help you meet the training requirements under part 973 of the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Service Code.

About Julie Boggess:

Julie Boggess formed Enlighten Eldercare, LLC after spending over 30 years working in the senior housing and healthcare industry. Throughout her career, she has provided education and support for professional and family caregivers facing the challenges and rewards of caring for the elderly. ​Julie is honored to bring the transformative programs from the AGE-u-cate Training Institute to Chicagoland.


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Finding assisted living or other types of senior care can be overwhelming and a time-consuming task. Elderwerks is a relationship-based company. We are dedicated to our families 24/7.

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For your complimentary, individual consultation, or for help touring an assisted living community, call an Elderwerks Consultant today at 855-462-0100.


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