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Specialists that help families cope and who care for older adults.

Brighter Side Counseling

assisted living services Brighter Side Counseling

At Brighter Side Counseling LLC, we are a group of long time, seasoned therapists as well as therapists fresh with eagerness and ideas to help you overcome life’s stresses and guide you to a new way of living your best life! Our therapists have a passion for helping people in addition to being compassionate to the sensitive issues that arise in today’s society. You are not alone in your struggles. and the issues you are experiencing will not just go away. You matter, so pick up the phone and start loving yourself today.

85 Market St.
Elgin, IL 60123


In-Home Counseling

assisted living services In-Home Counseling

No matter your age, occupation, lifestyle or background, chances are you’ve experienced struggle or challenges in your life. From anxiety to depression to more unique issues and circumstances, seeking help is the first step to healing.

For nearly a decade, In-Home Counseling has been serving the Chicagoland metropolitan area’s counseling needs — right from our clients’ homes. This allows a unique advantage to both the patient and counselor to achieve optimum treatment and results.

Sadly, many people do not receive the treatment they need…either because of transportation issues, scheduling conflicts or challenges leaving the home. This is where In-Home Counseling comes in. The treatment you receive from our experienced counselors is identical to those you’d receive in a traditional counseling treatment center, but from the comfort of your home.

Depression, anxiety, grief and loss, chronic illness or disability, cognitive changes, life transitions, caregiver stress, isolation, lack of social support, all can be overwhelming. In-Home Counseling can help. They are Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Medicare-certified, experienced in providing compassionate, skilled therapy and support services in the comfort of your own home. Services are covered by Medicare and Supplemental Insurance. 

800 Main St., Suite 210
Antioch, IL 60002


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Finding assisted living or other types of senior care can be overwhelming and a time-consuming task. Elderwerks is a relationship-based company. We are dedicated to our families 24/7.

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For your complimentary, individual consultation, or for help touring an assisted living community, call an Elderwerks Consultant today at 855-462-0100.


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