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“I have been calling my daughter more and more often to help me at home and I don’t want to keep burdening her. What resources are available to seniors that can help us at home?”

It’s nice that you have a daughter you can call for help when you need it. As we age we do become more reliant on our children. Our bodies no longer can do what they used to, it’s dangerous to climb ladders to change bulbs and it’s just sometimes easier to call in the kids for help. Unfortunately, we can’t always rely on our kids or want to bother them. That’s when you pick up the phone and call experts for help. You can get referrals for providers from Senior Services, your local Chamber of Commerce or us. We know people everywhere and like to make sure our families are well taken care of. Handymen, lawn care/snow plow companies, maid services are all good options for daily maintenance. If you don’t cook you can get meals through Meals on Wheels or the Golden Diners program. There are nutritional projects throughout Illinois. I do list these types of services in our informational Elderwerks Senior Directory. 

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