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What ideas do you have to help me stay independent?
My best advice is to remove all loose floor rugs or tack them down. As we age we tend to shuffle more when we walk. Thicker rugs or rugs that move easily can make us trip and fall. You should also place your furniture in your home with enough space that you can get around the pieces easily and that you can use for balance as you walk. Install brighter bulbs throughout the home to help illuminate the darker spaces. Install railings to go up and down stairs as well as thicker trim along your walls that you can hold if necessary. 


In terms of technology there are new medical alert services available to help you. If you have a medical emergency you press a button and help is on the way. There are also auto-alert pendants available. If the pendant detects a fall it will automatically call for help. There are medication alert dispensing systems that will advise you when it’s time to take your medications and will even give you the proper dosage. If you don’t remember to take your medications the system will notify you or a caregiver that you missed your medication. 


There are many more simple ideas to help you maintain your independence. Remember your independence is based on smart decisions and staying healthy.

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