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Walking— The No-Cost Prescription for Health

There are literally thousands of scientific studies available that verify walking as a fundamental exercise delivering multiple health benefits. Regular brisk walks can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce body fat.
Clinical examinations also indicate that walking helps many people prevent or manage heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Bone strengthening is another residual benefit, that helps prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Strengthening your bones today can assist in warding off fractures should you happen to fall at some future date.
How Much Walking is Enough?
Each of us has to be mindful of our health condition and limitations, however, adding 30 minutes of daily walking to your routine will help you avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Many medical and physical training experts suggest people 65 and older walk at least 150 minutes weekly. So, if you block out 30 minutes of time five days a week, you’ll attain that baseline objective.
An article in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) cites a study that used fitness trackers to measure the activity of participants. The findings indicated it took about 4,000 steps per day to maintain health and boost longevity.
For those who are able to walk, there are many devices designed to track your progress and provide subtle motivation to achieve your fitness goals. Everything from wristband devices, smart watches and mobile phones can track your activity and remind you to keep moving.
Stepping Out To Fitness
Elderwerks is offering Stepping Out to Fitness, a 90-day fitness challenge designed for anyone wishing to improve their health and have fun while doing it. We provide a free fitness log so you can record your exercise and stay of track. Why not join the fun? Visit or visit our office at 251 E. Northwest Highway, Palatine (Near Ace Hardware and the Sparrow's Nest) to pick up your log and learn more about the program.
Summer in our region is short and beautiful. It’s time to get moving, have fun and write your own prescription to good health. 

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