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Should My Parents Move?

If 5 or more of the following statements are true, then it is time for your parents to move.

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My parents don’t ask for help when needed.
My parents don’t travel because they are worried about their home.
The neighborhood has changed and my parents no longer feel safe.
My parents no longer drive and there’s no bus near their home.
My parents fall frequently.
My parents don’t leave the house and complain about it often.
People call the house regarding past due monies and my parents write a check without verifying the bill.
My parents give money to people they don’t know.
My parents call frequently asking for help with chores they no longer can perform.
My Mom’s spare bedroom stores extra food and items she’s purchased for no reason.
My Mom is now a hoarder.
The house is falling apart and my parents don’t notice.
My parents say they’re eating well but all I see are candy wrappers but no food.
My Mom is extremely thin and frail.
Daily showers have turned into weekly or monthly showers.
My parents don’t remember to take their medications.
My parents have almost burned the house down because they left the burners on.
Mom gets lost going out on errands or returning home.
Mom is not dressing like she used to. She’s wearing mismatched clothes and shoes.
Mom is urinating on the furniture and not noticing.
Mom and Dad can’t hear the phone ringing.
Taking care of Mom and Dad has become overwhelming.
My Mom always took care of the checkbook but now doesn’t know how.

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