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Should I Stay Home or Should I Move?

Since the Coronavirus prompted a shelter in place order this March, many older adults contemplating a move have put things on hold. Understandably people in this at-risk age group are afraid of getting COVID-19, but many are simply afraid of change. Change is hard for most people, but it’s even more difficult when people think they are losing their independence if they move. Based on our experience that’s the last thing an independent senior should be thinking about. Quality of life is the most important aspect of aging.

Here’s a scenario to consider:

An example of a senior needing to move sooner rather than later: Mr. Smith is almost 80 years old, a widower who still drives and living independently at home. His kids live nearby, they check on him often. His neighbors also keep an eye on him. He seems to be doing just fine. He has friends, plays cards at the club and gets out of the house frequently. Since the pandemic was declared he’s been sheltering in place since March and regressing. He has been hospitalized three times with non-critical issues. This is a scenario where an independent living situation would be beneficial. Mr. Smith would receive up to three meals per day either in his apartment or in the dining room (if the building is no longer sheltering in place). He would have activities available to him, groceries and other items delivered to his apartment, a nurse available for health issues and he would be safe. His life quality would actually improve, and he’d likely feel more secure in this type of living arrangement.

Socialization is a huge part of aging well. If a person doesn’t socialize, studies show years of life expectancy are lost. Experts say that lack of socialization is equivalent to smoking 14 packs of cigarettes per day. I wish people would listen. No matter where you live, in a house, condo or senior building, you will still have your independence. You will still be in control. You will not lose your memories, family or friends. Do what’s necessary to have a happy, healthy life today, even if it’s not where you’re currently living. Some senior communities are offering virtual tours until they allow outsiders into the buildings. They are keeping their residents safe and have a great deal to offer. Should you stay or should you move? That’s a personal decision, but why not make some calls and decide on the best living situation for you?

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