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Prevent Falls with These Easy Tips

Falls happen. The following tips are to help you try to prevent some of them.

  1. Remove throw rugs and any rug that moves easily. If you have a large rug that you must keep then use double sided tape or rubber mats under them to prevent them from sliding.
  2. Modify the furniture to accommodate someone who needs to use the furniture to walk, is in a wheelchair, uses a walker or just needs space.
  3. Remove items from stairs and floors that may trip you such as dog toys, clothes, shoes, books, papers, etc.
  4. Purchase cordless phones so there aren't any cords for you to trip on. Use electrical ties to keep cords off the ground and/or bound together behind furniture.
  5. Do not put heavy items over your head and keep the items you use most often within easy reach. Ladders and step stools can be dangerous.
  6. Chairs and sofas should have arms for easy in and out. The cushions should be firm so that you don't have to push too hard to get out of them.
  7. Lighting is extremely important. Lights should be available in all rooms and preferably turn on when you enter the room. Solar lighting at the baseboards of your walls is an excellent way to light up the floors.
  8. Non-slip mats in the bathtub and shower are inexpensive. You may also install stickers that add grip to the floor of the bathtub.
  9. Grab bars next to the toilet, bathtub and in the shower are helpful.
  10. If you need to use a cane or walker for stability then use them!
  11. Wear shoes with rubber soles that do not slide easily when it's wet out.
  12. Smooth carpet not plush is preferable in homes where you don't lift your feet when you walk.

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