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Post-Hospitalization Care


Post-hospitalization patients require regular observation and care following a hospital discharge.   The adult children and other family members may think that being the caregiver for their loved one is a good idea but it is extremely stressful and often these caregivers get extremely stressed out, depressed and even sick. 


There is always help available if you want it. Home care companies are trained in taking care of people. Their caregivers are experts and experienced in helping people recover and rehabilitate. 


Managing the discharge process for a seamless transition home is the job of the home care company you’ve hired to help you. Some things you can expect from your experienced team are:

  • A consultation and personalized care plan based on your preferences and needs.
  • A caregiver who is your personal helper to support you through transition. 
  • Adaptability may be suggested and/or offered.
  • Assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, medication reminders) as well as help with grocery shopping, errands, housekeeping and other physical activities that may be needed.
  • Meals prepared according to what’s liked, what’s in your diet as well as what your doctor recommends.
  • Becoming part of your support system to help you with your physical and mental recovery.
  • Transportation to your appointments and personal events.
  • Status updates on a regular basis to designated family and friends.
It’s very important for your loved one to get some care at home after leaving the hospital. It will take a few days to adjust to the new care and limitations now in place. 

The patient often feels tired, depressed and sometimes becomes combative because of the stresses of these changes. The caregiver that you put in place should always be supportive and work to help your loved one recover.

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