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Nursing Home Questions

  1. When was the facility last inspected?
  2. Ask if you can interview Department Heads
  3. What deficiencies were cited, if any? Ask to see the last survey.
  4. Who do I call when I have questions about care?
  5. How many residents does a nurse care for during a day, evening, or night shift?
  6. How many residents does a nurse's aide care for during a day, evening, or night shift?
  7. What arrangement does the facility have for medical services such as doctor visits and specialized equipment and therapies?
  8. What transportation arrangements does the facility have for the residents?
  9. What special training does the staff have?
  10. What are the policies for deposits, refunds, and bed holds?
  11. How does the nursing home safeguard against loss of residents' personal belongings?
  12. How much advance notice does the facility provide before increasing charges for regular or additional services?
  13. How do you select a roommate for the resident?
  14. What types of activities are included in the facility's social program? Ask to see the activity calendar.
  15. What are the designated visiting hours? Can exceptions be made for special needs?

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