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Should Your Elderly Parents Move in With You?

There is a re-emerging trend of older parents moving in with their adult children for reasons such as health issues, economic hardship, and loneliness. If everyone in your household agrees that moving your parents into the family homestead is a good idea, here are some recommendations from Elderwerks Educational Services:

1. Independence
Your parents need their independence, so have an in-depth discussion ahead of time about their desires, activities they’d like to continue doing, and the type of support services they may need. If they still drive and are active, they will manage their daily lives themselves. If they have any medical issues, physical limitations, or cognitive impairment, you may be relied upon to help with their activities of daily living, transportation, meals, and more.

2. Inclusion
Inclusion in the community is important, as many seniors stay home and become depressed from lack of socialization. Introduce them to local organizations that offer interaction with other like-minded seniors, such as a community center, senior center, recreational center, park district, fitness facility, veterans’ group, and your neighbors. They can socialize and build new friendships while remaining close to home.

3. Purpose
Being part of the family also means being included and having a purpose, such as helping with basic chores around the house if they’re able. Discuss everyone’s role in the household and agree on household tasks. Sometimes a power struggle between family members can emerge and create stress. Make sure you have clear communication regarding responsibilities and expectations.

If you and your spouse are unable to have your parents live with you for a variety of reasons, be honest with your parents early on. Let them know that while you love them both dearly, moving into a local senior community might be better for them where there is a built-in support system, safety, security, and their own space.

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