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Starting July 1, 2022 State of Illinois expands Medicaid coverage to residents ages 42 and up regardless of immigration status. To be eligible, a resident has to meet the following guidelines:

1. Be a resident of the State of Illinois.

2. Green Card holder of less than 5 years or undocumented resident

3. Ages 42 years old and up

4. Income guidelines depending on the age:

a. For residents of ages 65 and up, one person’s gross income cannot be more than $13,590/year ($1,133/month); two people, $18,310/year ($1,526/month). Assets for one person cannot be more than $2,000 and for two people, $3,000.

b. For residents ages of 42 to 64, one person’s gross income cannot be more than $18,754/year ($1,563/month); two people, $25,268/year ($2,106/month).

For additional information, please contact South-East Asia Center, 5120 N. Broadway, 2nd Floor, Chicago. 773-989-6927.

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