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Living A Low-Maintenance Life

If you just spent hours raking leaves, cleaning gutters, covering patio furniture and getting your home ready for winter, you may ask yourself what happened to the weekend? You are not alone; this is an age-old question that homeowners over time have asked after exhausting stints of home maintenance.

There is a new movement that has people stepping back and reviewing the value of our most precious gift - time. Today’s older adults live longer, healthier lives; they want to be active in fun activities, not drudgery.

People are also rethinking their living situation. Many are seeking ranch homes or condominiums that reduce stair-climbing hazards, offering many amenities that promote safe, comfort driven benefits. Today’s older adults are choosing to pay association fees or hire experts to maintain their homes while spending free time with family, friends, living robust lives freed from the snow shovel and rake. Others move into a retirement or independent senior living community where they can enjoy new and old friends, and not worry about any maintenance.

As our children move along with their lives, empty nest parents are also employing experts that help them declutter and prepare the family home for sale. Downsizing requires a great deal of planning and energy, hence the reason many are leaning to insured experts that help them sell unused or unwanted items, turning them into cash that can offset the costs associated with living transition.

The old saying “time waits for no one” holds true now more than ever in this always on, fast paced world. If you are even remotely curious about making lifestyle changes to free up time to lead the life you’ve longed to live, wait no longer. Elderwerks has numerous contacts and services available to help make your living vision a reality.

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