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How to Choose an Estate Sale Company

Paxem has gone on many estate sale consultations and have found that people need guidance in choosing an ethical estate sale company. Even if you don't choose Paxem, Inc. we hope these tips help you in your search for an organization to help you with your liquidation:
  • There is no such thing as a "free" clean-out.
  • If you pre-sell all the high value items there will be NO draw to your sale.
  • A low or lower commission DOES NOT mean you're making more money.
  • Has the owner ever been part of another company? Where is that company now?
  • Interview in person.
  • Do not throw anything away unless it's expired or open food, magazines, newspapers, personal papers or used food containers - in other words garbage.
  • Remove anything you want to keep from the house before your consultation. If you remove items after your consultation the company may turn you down.
  • Once you sign a contract you cannot remove anything.
  • Always get a contract and review before signing.
  • The company you hire should give you receipts.
  • Does the company have employees or contractors?
  • Does the company have liability and workman's comp coverage?
If you have questions please call Paxem, Inc. We are always happy to help!
847-269-6272 - Estate Sale Division

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