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How to Choose a Moving Company

When getting ready to move, not only will your preparation and research be two of the most important parts of your move, but so will the moving company you choose. How do you choose the proper moving company for your move? There are several items including research, preparation, action and execution which need to be done to help your move start on the right foot. 

Research: The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) ProMover program, BBB rating, word of mouth, company website and customer reviews are all items you should check before choosing your moving company. WARNING-consider the source! 

Preparation: It’s a good rule of thumb to schedule an on-site appointment (which are free) with three companies. May through August is the busiest time of the year for all moving companies so be sure to schedule your on-site appointment around 6 weeks before your anticipated move date. Do you need packing or storage services? Who will be packing your items? Where will the goods be stored? Are the facilities inspected and well-maintained?

Action: There are all sorts of moving companies out there that range from ma and pa shops, local guy with a pickup, to professional movers. Never rely on over-the-phone quotes, always have the professional give you a written estimate on what you actually will be moving, not what is “typical for a X-bedroom home.” Oh, and making sure the movers are licensed, insured and legally able to conduct your move is important too. Local, state and federal regulations may apply to your move and must be followed.

Execution: Consider what is important to you and the pros and cons of each company. Be sure to select the proper valuation coverage (different than insurance) which is appropriate for your move and evaluate your options. Price, reputation, industry experience and professionalism are just a few very important items for consideration. The items you’ve worked your entire life for will soon be moving to your new home, the choices you make now will affect the next steps of your future. 

Jon Huser
Marketing Manager
Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc. & Bekins Moving Solutions, Inc.

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