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Home Safety Checklist for Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease

Its important to understand that Alzheimers Disease is progressive, so preparing for a loved one to age in place at home safely until theyre no longer able is paramount. Keep in mind these general tips:

1. Labels Clearly mark cabinets and drawers with the contents. If the person with Alzheimers Disease can no longer read, you can put pictures up instead.

2. Natural Gas Turn off the gas to the stove or add safety knobs or automatic shut-off switches so only those who can operate them safely can turn on the burners and oven.

3. Phones Those with Alzheimers Disease cannot always decipher truth from fiction and are easy targets for scams. Turn the ringer down and allow the answering machine to answer the calls.

4. Chemicals and Poisons Place all chemicals, toxic materials, poison, etc., in locked closets or drawers and remove all poisonous plants from the home. The taste buds dont work like they used to, and people with Alzheimers Disease cannot taste the chemicals.

5. Medications Put all medications in locked cabinets. Use a medication reminder system or dispenser to indicate when the medications should be taken. There are systems that will notify the well-spouse or adult children if the medications arent being taken at a scheduled time.

6. Childproof Plugs and Latches Cover electrical outlets with plugs. Install safety knobs on doors.

7. Weapons and Tools Remove all weapons, power tools, machinery, etc., from the house or lock them in a garage, workroom, or basement.

8. Wandering If your loved one leaves the house and wanders, you will need to add a GPS to their person via either a necklace, a watch, or on their phone. Never lock a loved one in the house alone.

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