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Discharge Planning


The team planning a patient’s discharge out of the hospital is responsible for coordinating all care once you leave. The care team will recommend post-care such as a nursing home or home care and therapy in your own home. The recommendations will be based on the patient’s care needs. Click here for a printable Discharge Planning Checklist.


The tips that follow can help you plan effectively and have a successful rehabilitation.


§Know your care options. If you’re not sure what the doctor or nurse are suggesting ask for clarification. 

§Choose your provider or rehabilitation facility before you leave the hospital. Don’t use a list given to you by the hospital. Make an informed decision.

§Ask your Elderwerks Advisor for qualified providers or rehabilitation facility recommendations. 

§Interview the providers given to you and then hire the company that best suits your loved ones needs.

§If your loved one is going into a rehab facility tour 2 or 3 before making a decision. Use the Elderwerks Nursing Home Check List to keep you on task and make an informed decision.

§Make a list of the drugs you are taking including vitamins, over the counter medications and prescriptions including dosage and frequency.

§Ask Elderwerks for a referral for home medical equipment (canes, walkers, hospital beds, etc.). Remember, it’s your right to buy your DME (durable medical equipment) wherever you want. The hospital cannot make you buy your DME equipment through any particular company. 

§Purchase and install all adaptability equipment as well as the necessary DME equipment prior to discharge.

§Put together a schedule and list all your appointments on it. You may also want to list the doctors names and numbers on this schedule for future appointments and changes.

§The hospital and/or rehab staff should be able to show you how to take care of wounds and change bandages at home.

§Ask about side effects from your prescriptions, common issues that can arise from your medical condition and what you can do in the event of emergency.

§Listen to your body. It’s not going to immediately be the same as it was before rehab. You will have physical limitations and you will need some support.  What do you need to do to remain at home safely? What do you need to do to get back to where you were before your physical changes? 

§If you have questions or concerns call your doctor, talk to the nurse or speak with a social worker. All of these professionals have information to help you manage your illness and new limitations.

§Ask for written instructions to help you through your recovery. Use this information to help you successfully rehab.

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