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Living Well with Parkinson's Disease

Tuesday 07/23/2024 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Live Virtual Presentation

Millions pf people around the word are diagnoses with Parkinson’s Disease. But the journey to diagnosis is usually one of unanswered questions and anxiety. Once a diagnosis is given, One may sigh a breath of relief, because they have an answer to some of the questions they have. But along with that sigh of relief, is the journey of grief and acceptance. But there is life after diagnosis, and it can be a life of living well. Join Arlene as she reviews for you what Parkinson’s is, how it is diagnosed, side effects to be expected, but most importantly how you can live still live your life well.

Presented by Arlene Schiff, BSN, RN, DCCS-CI, Education Specialist,
Elderwerks Educational Services

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