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September Holidays

1st - Emma M. Nutt Day

2nd -VJ Day, WII

3rd - Skyscraper Day

4th - Newspaper Carriers Day

5th -  Cheese Pizza Day

6th - Read a Book Day
7th -  Labor Day

8th -  Pardon  Day

9th - Teddy Bear Day

10th - Sewing Machine Day

11th - 911 Remembrance Day

12th - Chocolate Milk Shake Day

13th - Grandparents Day, Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown & Positive Thinking Day

14th - National Cream-Filled Donut Day

15th - Make a Hat Day

16th - Collect Rocks Day, Mexican Independence Day

17th - Citizenship Day & Constitution Day

18th - National Cheeseburger Day

19th - International Talk Like a Pirate Day
20th - National Women's Friendship Day

21st - International Peace Day

22nd - Elephant Appreciation Day & Yom Kippur

23rd - Checkers Day

24th - National Cherries Jubilee Day

25th - Native American Day

26th - Johnny Appleseed Day

27th - Crush a Can Day & Sukkot

28th -  Ask a Stupid Question Day

29th - Confucius Day
30th - National Mud Pack Day

This Month Is: 

- Classical Music Month
- Hispanic Heritage Month
- Fall Hat Month
- International Square Dancing Month
- National Blueberry Popsicle Month
- National Courtesy Month
- National Piano Month

- Chicken Month

- Baby Safety Month

- Little League Month

- Honey Month

- Self Improvement Month

- Better Breakfast Month











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Quote of the Month

I have my worry rule.  If you need to worry, sit down for 15 minutes and really worry.  Then say, "Okay.  I did my worrying for the today.  Now let's get on with it."


Sally Priesand, the first woman ordained as a rabbi in this country.





 Month's News


September is a wonderful month to get things done.  The kids are back in school!  You can now focus on projects that you've been avoiding and prepare for the holidays.  If one of your projects is to plan for your future give us a call.  We would be happy to help you with your planning.

Jennifer Prell and The Elderwerks Team












's Day
Grandparent's Day is on September 13th. If you are fortunate enough to live near your grandparents the following are some things you can do together: 

  • Listen to music, sing songs together or read a book.
  • Work on a puzzle.
  • Take a walk through the park.
  • Get a foot or hand massage.
  • Put a collage of photos of their life together.


The family of all ages getting together bring immense knowledge, viewpoints and outlooks on life.  It can be extremely satisfying and stimulating for everyone.  Happy Grandparent's Day!
















Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease has been talked about for years.  It's a very debilitating disease and costly as well.  The amount of stress it causes the family is insurmountable!  People understand that it's a disease that takes away memories, logical thought and brain processes get mixed up.  What people don't realize is that the disease is actually worse on the families who have a loved one with the disease.


It hurts being with the person they married, knew as a parent, sibling or a grandparent who has the disease. These people have changed and there's nothing we can do to help them.  The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming and causes depression and anxiety in many people. 


There are ways to cope. Knowing that the person with Alzheimer's Disease, no longer knows themselves any differently than who they are now, is comforting. They aren't in pain. They may just think they're in a different era, a different place in their lives and it's okay. Coming to terms with where your loved one is at now may be hard but once you get there it's a little easier.  


If you feel you need help there are hundreds of support groups, blogs, chat rooms and other discussion groups to go to.  The Alzheimer's Association can help and they also have Care Navigation which provides a series of counseling appointments with a licensed social worker who is trained to help you.  CARE NAVIGATION


Elderwerks also has many articles to support you through the Alzheimer's Disease process.  You can view them HERE. 


If you need some guidance give Elderwerks a call.  We can give you some tips and an action plan to help your loved one in all stages of the disease.


**There are also many Alzheimer's Walks taking place throughout the country.  Pick a favorite group and walk with them to help fight Alzheimer's Disease.













Planning a move as an older adult is not easy.  There are many things that need to get done: sorting, distribution of items no longer needed, getting the house ready for sale, etc.  The following are some tips from Paxem, Inc. that will help you plan, prepare and have a smooth move:

  1. Ask for help.  Don't be obstinate or think you're Hercules because you're not!  Friends and family can help you sort through your items and help you pack and move.
  2. Make lists - list "a" is of the items you must take with you.  List "b" is of the items you want to take with you.  Once you get everything onto paper go through your "want" list and put the items in order of what you really want to the items you want but don't necessarily have to take with you.
  3. Tell your kids you're moving.  Then tell them they need to let you know what they want, because whatever is left is going "bye-bye!"
  4. Get recommendations from the senior community for a Senior Move Manager (SMM) to help you through the entire process.  This isn't just a move where you hire a mover.  A SMM is knowledgeable on the entire downsizing process.  They can help you from the moment you think about moving, through the sorting, de-cluttering, estate sale and into your new home.  They will also help you pick a mover.  If your senior community doesn't know any Senior Move Managers you can go to NASMM to find one in your area.


It's very freeing when you decide to live a stream-lined life and not live around your stuff.  You get more life out of your life!












 reach out to your personal Elderwerks Advisor for help today. We appreciate all that you do and thank you for your support!




Jennifer Prell and the Elderwerks Team









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