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Coping well during the Pandemic – An Elderwerks Interview

Sunday December 27, 2020 - Jennifer Prell
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My name is Jane Durie and I turned 90 on July 19th, 2020. I have lived through the Great Depression, World War II, 9/11 and now the pandemic. I have 3 married daughters and 7 grandchildren ranging in age from 15 to 26. I live in an active senior community and love living independently in my own condo. Before the pandemic, I was doing water aerobics and tap dancing a few times per week. Like all of us, these activities stopped in March. I have stayed in my home since then and have everything delivered or dropped off by my family. My only exercise now is a walk to the mailbox and a short circle around my building. However, I recently fell twice within 3 weeks and had to go to the ER both times. I know that if I fall again that I will need to consider moving into assisted living.

In evaluating my choices for the uncertain future, I was introduced to Elderwerks. I was hesitant to look into assisted living as I have been living independently for many years. My husband died in 2006 and I moved closer to my middle daughter and her family which includes 3 of my 7 grandchildren. Elderwerks suggested 3 senior communities and I toured them all with my daughter. I was pleasantly surprised by the options provided and learned which one would best fit my needs. I still plan to stay in my condo as long as I can, but now know which community I could move to if things change.

Life has a funny way of operating like a roller coaster. You have your ups and your downs. I feel that I have done most of what I want on my “bucket list.” There is still more that I want to see like my grandkid’s college and high school graduations. In order to do so, I need to stay healthy and strong. After my second fall, the kids got me an exercise bike, which I use every day to regain my strength. My doctor ordered physical therapy (PT). I have a gal that comes over twice a week to help me exercise. She gave me other exercises that I can do twice a day to get that extra oomph.

For meals during the pandemic, I turned to a local caterer that delivers. The food is delicious and I get to select what I want. His meals are pretty big so I eat half and save the other half for another time.

Spending all this time inside has made it harder to keep my brain churning. My kids and friends have suggested a few good books to read. I am able to call a local bookstore and they deliver books right to my condo. I have cable TV and watch many movies. My new favorite show is British; Escape to the Chateau. I was a travel agent for over 25 years and it reminds me of when I was able to travel to Europe. Plus, they are renovating a 400 year old mansion! It’s really entertaining and fun.

I recently learned how to Zoom and plan to do that on Christmas Day with all my family. I will be alone, but there will be 16 of us having a holiday celebration across 3 time zones!

Thank you to Elderwerks for sending me a word search puzzle book and their free education programs. I get the new schedule emailed each Monday. I’m still here and for now, I have all my marbles!

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