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Dementia and My Dad by Gayle Nudelman

Friday March 27, 2020 - Jennifer Prell
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 "What day is it today?" I sound like my father-in-law, Sidney. He is a 96 year old soon to be 97 year old, wonderful WWll veteran, with an enormous heart and is always grateful for what he has. He lives in a senior community, thanks to the help from the ladies at Elderwerks. After my mother in law, moreover his wife of 65 years passed, we quickly realized that independent living would be best for him. Elderwerks was holding the Elderwerks Senior Directory release parties so I brought dad with me. He went to many communities with me and he and everyone else thought he was too young for senior living. Yes, at 92 years old, for some of the places. At that point he still golfed, went to the health club daily, he was pretty active and you would think he was younger due to his appearance.

Then we got a call at about 10:30 pm one night from the Libertyville police department. Sid did not know who was president, where he was and not even what day it was. We went to get him. Really, the police did not write him a ticket, take his license away or anything. I called Elderwerks and they went into action. They found the exact right place for Sid. He loves it! We went to visit him today, when it was not raining. We talked on the phone and looked at him through the glass window. For this I am grateful! By the way it is Groundhog Day Covid 19 right.... more tomorrow.

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