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Jennifer Prell Receives OWL Award

Monday December 17, 2018 - Jennifer Prell
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Jennifer Prell received the Outstanding Women Leader Award for mentorship and education from the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce. The following is some of Jennifer's acceptance speech:
"I have been volunteering since about 2 years old with my parents. We were never rich, but we had time to give. I love volunteering and supporting people - specifically seniors. My biggest inspiration is my mom. My mom was a typical mom. She stayed home for quite some time with us, but eventually she bought a flower shop in Overland Park, KS. She worked really hard. She kept the house in order, we had a hot meal every night and she’d also try to wrangle us kids! Girl Scout leader and schlepper to soccer games and softball games. She is amazing. During this time, she was always happy and always the peace keeper. Even when she was tired she always had time for us kids. I learned my work ethic from her. I learned that you couldn’t get ahead in life by sitting back and waiting for others to make it happen. I learned that each success and failure is my own. I learned that family was important and that I needed to make sure they were taken care of and fed every night. Most of all I learned to love and treat everyone equally.

I use the knowledge I learned from my mom to help others. As they say, it takes a village. No one can do anything without support. My employees emulate this and helped build fabulous companies with the idea that everyone deserves respect and dignity. They are another reason I am successful. Without them Paxem and Elderwerks would not be such wonderful places to work. Hire great employees. Respect, support and do what you can to make sure they are successful in the job you hired them for. If they fail, you fail."

You can read the articles at the Daily Herald or at Quintessential Barrington Magazine.

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