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Three Things Every Senior Adult Should Know When Recovering From Surgery

Sunday September 27, 2015 - Jennifer Prell
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New post-op recovery has recently undergone some changes.  Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) has been studied and has found to speed up healing with fewer complications, less pain and less time in the hospital. Patients used to be told that they could not eat or drink after midnight before surgery, keeping their stomachs empty in order to avoid throwing up while under general anesthesia.  But the reality is that your body needs energy to help it heal and recover after surgery. New recommendations allow patients to eat solids up to six hours before surgery and to drink clear liquids containing electrolytes and carbohydrates up to two hours before surgery to help speed the recovery process. While it may seem counterintuitive, getting out of bed and going for a walk 24 hours after surgery is better for you than bed rest.  Standing and walking helps you use your lungs more, which can help greatly in reducing the risk of post-op pneumonia.  It is also beneficial to regaining bowel function and reduce the need for pain medication.  If you have a major surgery coming up, ask your doctor about ERAS. For more information on this topic, go to The ERAS Society.

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