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FirstLight Home Care - Libertyville

Home Services Agency
The responsibility of caring for an older parent or relative is a part of life for many adults across the country. At FirstLight, we see caring for seniors as a privilege, not just an obligation. So, when you can’t be there, you can count on us to provide the best home care and an understanding smile in a place that’s near and dear to their hearts—home.

Caring For You in The Comfort of Home... Wherever Home is

We help adults of all ages enjoy the best quality of life possible by offering non-medical in home care whenever they need it ... wherever they call home. Seniors that need some assistance in order to stay in their homes, families with members who have special needs or disabilities, someone recovering from an illness or surgery, even people who just need someone to talk to and visit with as they move through life: we are here for all of them, and for you. Our companion care, personal care, and dementia care services are available at home, in nursing and assisted living facilities, and hospitals—wherever they can do the most good. Plus, we offer respite care services for those who are the primary caregiver of their loved one, and just need a little break, as well as our Travel Companion Program for help navigating logistics while traveling. It’s your family and your life…we want you to get the most from both.

Here are just a few of the many conditions that in-home care can be of tremendous help:

•Dementia/Alzheimer's/Parkinson's Disease
•Vision and Eye Problems
•Congestive Heart Failure/Acute Myocardial Infarction/Heart Attack/Heart Disease
Respite Care•Pneumonia
•Multiple Sclerosis
•Post-Surgical Care

You and your family are special, so it takes a special kind of person to be a FirstLight HomeCare caregiver. Compassionate, caring, sincere, experienced, and attentive: these are just some the qualities we insist that our home companions possess. We care about the quality of our at-home caregivers because you care enough to invite us into your home—into your life—allowing us to share in all the ups, downs, and joyful moments that make your family unique. And that's a trust we don't take lightly. Ever.

Our in home care cost pricing is based on the unique needs of your situation and the amount of time you need a caregiver per day. We can provide services short-term or long-term, from just a few hours at a time to a live-in or 24/7 basis. We also provide Respite Care for those family caregivers who need some well-deserved time to themselves every now and again, as well as our Travel Companion Program for traveling with your loved one or getting them help to travel alone.

1580 S. Milwaukee Avenue
Suite 201
Libertyville, IL 60048

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