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Demystifying Gold & Silver

Thursday 08/13/2020 03:00 PM - 03:45 PM

Presented by David Kaz, President / Precious Metal Buyer, DMK Metal

Join David as he teaches us a thing or two about gold and silver. David has a passion for precious metals. During his 45-minute educational presentation, he will share; the 5,000-year history of gold, how gold and silver were used as money in the U.S., the many uses of the metals today, how to invest in gold and silver, and how you can identify and evaluate your own precious items. Working as a bag boy at his grandparents Rogers Park grocery store in the 70s, David was fascinated by the silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and war nickels that would appear in the cash register. He exchanged the modern versions for the silver change and that started his 40+ year interest in silver and gold. He has been actively purchasing unwanted gold and silver items from clients at the highest prices for the past five years and enjoys educating his clients on the value of their gold and silver jewelry, sterling flatware, coins, and more.

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